Letychiv Fortress

Letychiv Fortress

Letychiv Fortress is a medieval fortress in Letychiv, Khmelnitskyi Oblast of Ukraine. It was constructed in 1362 by the Lithuanians.


Location: Letychiv, Khmelnitskyi Oblast

Constructed: 1362


Description of Letychiv Fortress

Wood and stone castle was reconstructed in 1579 by Jan Potocki to defend Podplia region of the Polish Kingdom against Crimean Tatars from the South. Letychiv Castle became one of the major center of uprising of Ustym Karmaluk. This Ukrainian folk hero is occasionally referred as an Ukrainian Robin Hood. Karmaluk was a soldier in the Imperial Russian Army until he deserted it and went home. In the Western Ukraine he managed to gather wide support of highway men, peasants, criminals and everyone who wanted easy and exciting life. Karmaluk was eventually tracked and killed by Imperial police and buried near medieval citadel. A monument in his honor currently stands by the last remaining part of Letychiv Fortress.


On 17 July 1941 German forces captured Letychiv Castle as part of Operation Barbarossa. Nazi troops arrested 4100 Jews or 60% of population and forced them into a concentration slave labor camp inside medieval walls of the fortress. Later prison was filled by Soviet prisoners of war. By the time Red Army liberated Letychiv in March 23 1944 over 7200 people died within its walls. Today it is a historic monument and it is open to the public. However only one North- West tower and outside curtain wall remains from the original stronghold. Baroque Church of the Assumption is also preserved on the grounds of the fortress. It was constructed in 1724 on a site of an older 1606- 38 church.