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Lviv Town Hall

Lviv Town Hall




Location: Rinok (Market) Square, 1




Description of Lviv Town Hall

Lviv Town Hall on the Market Square is one of the oldest historical monuments in the city. The first Town Hall on this spot was built in Medieval times. Lviv Town Hall on the Market Square is one of the oldest historical monuments in the city. The first stone Town Hall of Lviv on this spot was built in 1381 although government rights (Magdeburg Law) claims that it was found in 1357 originally as a wooden building. During the Middle Ages Market Square and its Town Hall were the principle places for trading, public events and in some cases public executions of criminals. Lviv Town Hall was reconstructed and renovated four times since then. The oldest part of the building is the middle part as it dates back to the 14th century. Western wing dates back to 1491- 1504.


Current buildings of Lviv Town Hall was built in 1835. It is a brick, four storey building designed in the style of Viennese classicism. In 1848 during the revolution that swept through the Europe, clock tower have collapsed and shortly thereafter reconstructed in 1851 and central clock was added in 1852 produced in Vienna by Stiel Factory. Town Hall reaches a height of 65 meters. Its architectes were Y. Markle, F. Thresher or Treter and A. Vondrashek.


During World War II Lviv became a center of fierce fighting between German and Soviet armies. In 24- 26 July 1944 Soviet troops surrounded the Nazi forces inside the sity. The crew of T- 34 tank of the 63rd Guards Tank Brigade of 10th Guards Ural Tank Corps under the command of A.N. Dodonov broke through the German defenses. They raced throught the streets of Lviv toward historic center and particularly Town Hall. Radioman Marchenko with a group of Soviet soldiers who took their tank for a ride quickly killed a German guard and broke into the building. Their quick actions caught Nazis by suprise and allowed them to take the building with minimal losses. They planted a red flag on top of the Town Hall. Unfortunately Marchenko was badly wounded and later died. He was posthumously awarded the Order of the Patriotic War 1st degree. Marchenko also became the first honorary citizen of Lviv. A plaque outside of the Town Hall marks that event.


Today Lviv Town Hall is open to the public and it also houses the City Council. As you enter the building you can see two huge stone lions that are holding in their paws the shields with the coat of arms of the city. The tower is also open to tourists.









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