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Cathedral of Saint George (Lviv)




Location: Saint George Square, 5




Description of Cathedral of Saint George

Cathedral of Saint George is one of the most beautiful Roman Catholic churches in Lviv. This Baroque temple along with architectural ensemble of historic city center was included into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Current Cathedral of Saint George was built in 1770 on a site of an older Saint George church that was made of wood. Cathedral and surrounding living quarters served as a private residents of the metropolitans of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The facade is covered by sculptures, stucco frescoes and other details. Inside you can see a valuable relic, the miraculous icon of Our Lady of the 17th century. Bell tower of Cathedral of Saint George keeps the oldest bell in Ukraine that dates back to 1341.






The first temple was located on a mountain, later called Svyatoyursky, back in princely times. An Orthodox wooden church and a defensive monastery were built under Prince Lev Danilovich around 1280. After the destruction of both structures by the Polish king Casimir III (1340), a new Orthodox church was erected in this place in 1363-1437 - a three-apsed stone temple-basilica in the Byzantine style.

Svyatyursky Cathedral, built in 1744-1770, is a classic example of architecture of the Baroque period. The construction was started in 1744 according to the project of Bernard Meretin, after the death of which S. Fesinger supervised the work (until 1764). Finishing work completed in 1772. On the facade are sculptures by Johann Pinzel; the interior was decorated by sculptors S. Fesinger and M. Filevich, artists L. Dolinsky and Yu. Radivilovsky.

Opposite the cathedral are the chambers of the Greek Catholic Metropolitan (1772, architect C. Fesinger). Around the chambers are the chapel houses (XIX century) and a fence with two gates (1765). A bell tower was built in the courtyard (1865). The complex adjoins the garden of St. George's Cathedral.

Since its construction, the temple belonged to the Uniate Order of the Basilians, and in 1816 the Greek Catholic Archbishop was located here. In 1946, the cathedral was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church; in 1990 returned to the UGCC. In April 1991, the head of the UGCC, Cardinal Miroslav-Ioann Lyubachivsky, returned here. In August - September 1992, the remains of Cardinal Joseph Slipy (1892-1984) were buried in the crypt of the cathedral next to the tombs of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky (1865-1944) and Sylvester Sembratovich (1836-1898). Earlier, the remains of Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl were buried on the territory of the first church on Svyatoyursky Hill.



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