Nevytsky Castle (Невицкий Замок)


Location:12 km North of Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia Oblast Map


History of Nevytsky Castle

Nevytsky Castle Map LayoutNevytsky Castle is a medieval fortress situated 12 km North of Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia Oblast. It was constructed in the early 15th century to defend high ground over Uzh River that flows below. Nevytsky Castle was erected in the early 15th century by the mighty noble Drugeth family. They used part of an older medieval citadel that was built on this site in the 13th century as the base for their own new castle. Original citadel was demolished in 1241 during invasion of the Mongol hoards.


Nevytsky Castle was soon reconstructed after the Mongols have left these lands. Over subsequent centuries they increased military fortifications and improved castle's defenses. More barracks were added to increase a castle garrison. During 17th century Nevytsky Castle was besieged several times by various fractions. In 1644 Hungarian Prince George II Rakoczi captured and demolished much part of Nevytsky Castle.


Nevytsky Castle was abandoned for next several centuries until 20th century when part of the medieval defenses were reconstructed by the government. Lack of tourist crowds and original medieval ruins of the beautiful castle certainly makes Nevytsky Castle one of the most interesting castles in Ukraine.