Olesko Castle

Olesko Castle


Location: Olesko, Lviv Obalst Map


Description of Olesko Castle


Olesko Castle is a small medieval fortress that stands in a town of Olesko on the outskirts of Ukrainian city of Lviv. It was build in the 14th century making it one of the oldest Medieval castles in the Western Ukraine. Olesko Castle was constructed around 1327 near the village of Olesko of Busk Rayon near Lviv. It held a strategic location on the border between Galicia and Volhynia principalities and hence it became a disputed possession in constant wars between Poland, Lithuania and Hungary. National borders constantly changed and Olesko Castle became a bargaining chip between warring parties. Each of the owners increased its size and strengthened its military defenses.


Olesko Castle acquired its present appearance between 1590's and 1620's when its walls had to fit the appearance of firearms in a siege warfare. However new technologies made it also utterly useless. Olesko Castle was turned into a private residence for the royalty. Here in 1629 future Polish king Jan III Cobesky. He put a lot of money and effort to keep his private home standing.


Today Olesko Castle is restored and renovated. It holds a collection of paintings, sculptures old tapestries and works of art. Much of the interior including moldings, furniture and fixtures date back to the 17th and 18th centuries.