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Description of Dover

Dover, in the county of Kent, is the largest port of the English Channel in England. According to the 2000 census, the city of Dover has 28,156 inhabitants, although if we take into account the entire urban space, the population is 39,078. The city is the administrative center of the district of Dover. Dover has three beaches. Dover is famous for its white cliffs, composed of chalk. Great Britain gets its nickname of Albion thanks to these cliffs. It can be translated as white in reference to the white cliffs. The name of the city is of Celtic origin (Brythonic) and was known as Dubrās (The waters). Dover is the closest point to continental Europe, separated only 34 km from the French port of Calais. This fact makes Dover one of the busiest ports to cross the English Channel, with more than 18 million passengers per year. Ferry services operate between Dover, Calais and Dunkirk. There is a castle in Dover, overlooking the harbor from above. It was built in the 12th century and is the largest castle in England. It was called the "Key of England" because of its proximity to France.


Travel Destinations in Dover

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