Helmsley Castle

Helmsley Castle


Location: Helmsley, North Yorkshire Map

Constructed: 1186- 1227

Entrance Fee: adult £4.70, children (5- 15 yrs) £2.90

Open: Apr- Sept 10am-6pm Mar & Oct 10am-5pm

Nov- Feb 10am-4pm Thu-Mon


Description of Helmsley Castle

Helmsley Castle is a medieval castle situated in Helmsley, North Yorkshire in United Kingdom.  First wooden fortress of Helmsley Castle was constructed in 1120 by Walter Espec, a prominent military leader during reign of Henry I. After his death Helmsley Castle passed to his sister Adelina who married Peter de Roos. Current stone military citadel was constructed in 1186- 1227 by the orders of Robert de Roos replacing earlier wooden structures. The fort remained in the possesion of the family until 1478 when Edmund de Roos sold it to Richard, Duke of Gloucester who became known as Richard III. English king was killed in the Battle of Bossworth (defeated by House of Lancasters on 22 August 1485) and Edmund got his castle back by new king Henry VII. Talking about making a good deal.


In the 16th century the medieval citadel was transformed into a more civilian Tudor family since it was believed all wars were over. It turned out to be a big mistake since English Civil Broke out in the 17th century. Royalists under Sir Jordan Crosland took refuge inside walls of Helmsey Castle, but had to surrender to Sir Thomas Fairfax in 1644 after only three months of siege. The castle changed several owners, but by the 18th century it was largely abandoned since its reconstruction was deemed as too expensive for the owners. Today Helmsley Castle is owned by the Feversham family and its is open to the public.