Hever Castle

Hever Castle


Location: Edenbridge, Kent Map

Constructed: started in 1270

Tel. 01732 865 224

Open: Apr- Oct: daily

Nov, Dec, Mar: Thu- Sun

Gardens Open: 11am- 6pm

Castle Open: noon- 6pm

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Description of Hever Castle

Hever Castle is a medieval citadel that stands in Edenbridge, Kent in United Kingdom. The construction of the Hever citadel started in 1270. Hever Castle was bought in late 15th century by Geoffrey Bullen (Boleyn). He made a large fortune, was knighted and later became the Lord Mayor of London. He undertook significant reconstruction in the medieval castle making more comfortable for civilian life rather than a military fortress. His grandson Thomas Bullen (Boleyn) was born here in 1477 and in 1498 married daughter of the Duke of Norfolk, Elizabeth Howard. They had three surviving children including George, Anne and Mary.


The most famous of his kids was Anne Boleyn born in Hever Castle in 1501. At the age of twelfth she was sent to the Netherlands to receive an education at the court of Archduchess Margaret (Princess of Asturias and Duchess of Savoy). Later she served at the court of Henry VIII's first wife, queen Catherine of Aragon.  There she had an affair with Henry Percy and subsequently sent back to the Hever Castle when it became known. Henry VIII at the time had an affair with Mary Bullen (Boleyn), but he quickly switched his attention to her older sister, Anne. Anne Boleyn eventually became the second wife of King Henry VIII who ordered her execution. George Boleyn was also killed for his alleged incest with his own sister, queen Anne. Today many people claim that Hever Castle is still haunted by ghost of Anne Boleyn. Her full body apparition is said to still roam the rooms and halls of Hever Castle as well as its surroundings.


After death of Sir Thomas Boleyn in 1540 Hever Castle was given to the Royal Family. After Henry VIII divorced his third wife Anne of Cleve, he gave this residence to his former wife who owned it until her death in 1557. Hever Castle became possession of the Waldegrave family and in 1749 it passed to Meade Walde family who sold it in 1903. The castle underwent major reconstruction in 1903 under supervision of its new owner American millionaire William Waldorf Astor. Today it is owned by Broadland Properties Limited and it is open to the public.