Howard Castle

Howard Castle


Location: 15 miles (24 km) North of York  Map

Tel. 01653 648444

House: Open: Mar- Oct: 11am- 4pm daily

Grounds: 10am- 4:30pm daily

Entrance Fee: House: adults £9.50, senior/ student £8.50, children £6.50

Grounds: adult £6.50, children £4.50


Description of Howard Castle

Howard Castle is a private residence that stands 15 miles (24 km) North of York in United Kingdom.  Howard Castle was constructed in 1699- 1712 by the orders of Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle (1669-1738) and under design and supervision of Sir John Vanbrugh (1664- 1726), a fellow member of the Kit- Cat Club. A splendid English landscape garden was expanded in 1750's with a help of over 30 gardeners. Baroque palace looks somewhat disproportional due to a Palladian style West Wing constructed from the late 18th century to the early 19th century. In 1940 Howard Castle was badly damaged by a fire that destroyed much of the interior in the South- east Wing, Great Hall and over 20 other rooms. The great dome have collapsed when the wood burned down. George Howard reconstructed the dome and interior in 1961- 62. The Howard family still owns the residence, but it has been open to the public since 1952. Over 220,000 tourists come here every year.