Lochaber Mountains

Lochaber Mountains


Location: Wales

Area: 934 sq mi (2,419 sq km)


Description of Lochaber Mountains

Lochaber Mountains are located in Wales in United Kingdom. Lochaber Mountains covers a total area of 934 sq mi (2,419 sq km). You don't usually associate Britain with any mountains, yet these impressive geological formation raise over surrounding green fields. Mountains also contain the highest peak in the country of Ben Nevis that reaches an elevation of 1,344 m (4,409 ft). It is located at the western end of the Grampian Mountains in the Scottish region of Lochaber, near the coastal town of Fort William.

Like many other Scottish mountains, among the people of the place is known simply as The Ben. However, if visitors from outside of Scotland use the term "The Ben", they usually refer to Ben Nevis, which is estimated to attract some 100,000 visitors a year, 3 of which about three-quarters use good built Pony Track ("Pony Route") that begins at Glen Nevis, a glen on the south side of the mountain.For mountaineers the main attraction is the 700-meter-high cliffs on the north face, which are between highest in the United Kingdom, and guard some classic climbs and climbing routes of all difficulties, being also one of the main places in the United Kingdom for ice climbing.

The summit, at 1345 meters above sea level, contains the ruins of an observatory that operated permanently between 1883 and 1904. The meteorological information collected during this period is still important for the understanding of the climate in the Scottish highlands. Charles Wilson had the inspiration to invent the fog chamber after spending some time working in that observatory.