The name of London originally only referred to the "Square Mile" wall of the original Roman city (and later medieval) (now confusingly called the "City of London" or "The City"). London, however, has acquired a much broader meaning to include all of the immense central part of the modern metropolis, the city after absorbing around numerous cities and towns throughout the centuries. Reflecting the enormous size of the metropolis, the term Greater London encompasses central London, along with all the peripheral suburbs that are in a continuous expansion of the built-up areas in the lower Thames Valley. Despite the population density by New World standards, London retains large areas of green parks and open spaces,

Greater London consists of 32 municipal districts of London and the City of London which, together with the relatively new mayor of London, form the basis of local London governments. The names of several municipalities, such as Westminster or Camden, are well known and explicit by itself, others not so much, such as Tower Hamlets or Hackney. A London traveler, however, is better defined not by strange forms and, often, quite arbitrary administrative divisions, but rather by recognized cultural, functional and social districts of various types and sizes:

West End - theaters and shops
Chinatown - the Chinese zone
Covent Garden - designers and other types of stores, as well as the famous Royal Opera House
Leicester Square - one of the main entertainment centers. A lot of cinemas.
Oxford Street - superior shopping street
Soho - nightclubs and restaurants, the center of gay London
Trafalgar Square - churches, art galleries and monuments
Bloomsbury - academic and intellectual area, many of the Universities of London and constituent colleges are based here
City of London - the historical and financial center of the city
South Bank - a vibrant area facing the River Thames
St James's - a city in its own right, and the home of the British government and the royal family
Paddington - centered around Paddington Station, includes Bayswater and Queensway
West - the big centers include Chelsea, Kensington, Acton, Chiswick, Ealing, Fulham, Hammersmith and Shepherd's Bush
North West - the luxury of the Finchley, Hampstead, Hampstead suburbs, Maida Vale and St John's Wood areas, but also includes immigrants and working class Kilburn and Wembley.
North - covers Archway, Camden, Crouch End, Islington and Greenwood.
North east
East - a mix of galleries and bustling nightlife, as well as some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country. It is now the focus of the redevelopment of the London 2012 Olympics. It covers Bethnal Green, Bow, Brick Lane, Clerkenwell, Docklands, Hackney, Mile End, Alamo, Shoreditch, Stepney, Stratford, Walthamstow and Whitechapel.
South West - covers Battersea, Brixton, Clapham, Kingston, Putney, Richmond, Wimbledon, Streatham, Tooting, Twickenham and Wandsworth.
South East - covers Greenwich, Bromley, Croydon, Deptford, Dulwich, Lewisham and Penge.

Travel Destinations in London

Piccadilly and Saint James's


Buckingham Palace (London)

Tel. 020 7766 7300

Bus: 2B, 11, 16, 24, 25, 36, 38, 52, 73, 135, C1

Subway: Saint James's Park, Victoria

State Rooms: end- July- end- Sept 9:30am- 5:30pm

Changing of the Guard: 11:30am daily

Buckingham Palace is both and official residence and an office of the British Royal family. Its magnificent halls are used for ceremonial state occasions and banquets for foreign heads of the state. The history of Buckingham Palace started during reign of George IV (1820- 30) when Buckingham House became a palace after reconstruction under supervision of John Nash. The work continued during reign of another British royal. This time it was Queen Victoria that finally completed the project and became the first monarch to live here. The State Rooms are open to the public in summer and early fall, while Changing of the Guard draws crowds of Londoners and foreign tourists alike through out a year.

Clarence House (London)

Stable Yard

Tel. 020 7766 73-3

Subway: Saint James's Park, Green Park

Open: Aug- Sept 10am- 5:30pm


Royal Mews (London)

Buckingham Palace Road

Tel. 020 7766 7302

Subway: Saint James's Park, Victoria

Open: Mar- Oct: 11am- 4pm

July 27- Sept 29: 10am- 5pm


Lancaster House (London)

Stable Yard

Subway: Saint James's Park, Green Park

Closed to the public

The Queen's Gallery (London)

Buckingham Palace

Tel. 020 7766 7301

Subway: Saint James's Park, Victoria

Open: 10am- 5:30pm

Aug- Sept: 9:30am- 5:30pm


Saint James's Park (London)

Tel. 020 7298 2000

Subway: Saint James's Park

Open: daily

Concerts: daily in summer


Faraday Museum (London)

The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street

Tel. 020 7409 2992

Subway: Green Park

Open: 9am- 9pm Mon- Fri

Closed: Dec 24- Jan 3


Green Park (London)

Tel. 020 7930 1793

Subway: Green Park, Hyde Park

Open: all year round


Wellington Arch (London)

Tel. 020 7930 2726

Subway: Hyde Park Corner

Open: Apr- Oct 10am- 5pm Wed- Sun and public holidays

Nov- March 10am- 4pm Wed- Sun

Closed: Dec 24- 26, Jan 1


Apsley House (London)

Hyde Park Corner

Tel. 020 7499 5676

Subway: Hyde Park Corner

Open: Apr- Oct 11am- 5pm Wed- Sun and holidays

Nov- March 11am- 4pm Wed- Sun and holidays

Closed: Dec 24- 26, Jan 1


Institute of Contemporary Arts (London)

The Mall

Tel 020 7930 3647

Subway: Piccadilly Circus, Charing Cross

Open: 12- 11pm Wed

12pm- 1am Thu- Sat

12- 9pm Sun

Closed: Dec 24- 26, 31, Jan 1, public holidays

Piccadilly Circus (London)

Subway: Piccadilly Circus


Saint James's Church (London)

197 Piccadilly

Tel. 020 7734 4511

Subway: Piccadilly Circus

Open: 8am- 6:30pm

Craft Market 9am- 6pm Wed- Sat

Antique Market 9am- 6pm Tue

Saint James' Church was designed by Christopher Wren and erected in 1684. It was his most favourite creation. In 1691 a magnificent organ that is still visible today was brought here from Whitehall Palace. Poet William Blake and Prime Minister of United Kingdom Pitt the Elder were both baptised within walls of this Church.


Albany (London)

Albany Court Yard, Piccadilly

Subway: Piccadilly Circus, Green Park

Closed to the public


Royal Academy of Arts (London)

Burlington House, Piccadilly

Tel. 020 7300 8000

Subway: Piccadilly Circus, Green Park

Open: 10am- 6pm Sat- Thu

10am- 10pm Fri

Closed: Good Fri, Dec 24- 25

Royal Academy of Arts was found in 1768 by Sir Joshua Reynolds.


Ritz Hotel (London)


Tel. 020 7493 8181

Subway: Green Park


Burlington Arcade (London)


Subway: Piccadilly Circus, Green Park


Saint James's Palace (London)

Pall Mall

Subway: Green Park

Closed to the public


Spencer House (London)

27 St. James's Pl

Tel. 020 7514 1958

Subway: Green Park

Open: 10:30am- 5:45pm Sun

Garden: June 2pm- 5pm

Closed: Jan and Aug

Spencer House was erected in 1766 for the first Earl Spencer, an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales. It was recently restored and houses a collection of beautiful paintings and wonderful furnishings.


Marlborough House (London)

Pall Mall

Tel. 020 7747 6491

Subway: Green Park, Saint James's Park

Open: third Saturday in September


Queen's Chapel (London)

Marlboough Road

Tel. 020 7930 4832

Subway: Green Park

Service: Easter- July: 8:30am, 11:30am Sun



Whitehall and Westminster


Westminster Abbey (London)

Broad Sanctuary

Tel. 020 7222 5152

Bus: 3, 11, 12, 24, 29, 53, 70, 77, 77a, 88, 109, 148, 159, 170, 211

Rails: Victoria, Waterloo

Abbey, Poets' Corner, Quire, Nave, Statesmen's Aisle: 9:30am- 4:30pm Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri

9:30am- 7pm Wed

9:30am- 2:30pm Sat

Chapter House, Pyx Chamber, Museum: 10:30am- 4pm Mon- Sat

College Garden: Apr- Sept: 10am- 6pm Tue- Thu

Oct- March: 10am- 4pm Tue- Thu

Cloister: 8am- 6pm daily

Westminster Abbey is the oldest and most important church in London. Many of the British monarchs starting with 11th century are buried inside. Additionally Westminster Abbey is a site for Royal coronations and weddings.


Westminster Cathedral (London)

Ashley Place

Tel. 020 7798 9055

Subway: Victoria

Open: 7am- 7pm Mon- Fri

8am- 7pm Sat and Sun

Service: 5:30pm Mon- Fri

10:30am Sat and Sun


Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms (London)


Clive Steps, King Charles Street

Subway: Westminster

Tel. 020 7930 6961

Open: 9:30am- 6pm daily (last admission at 5pm)

Closed: Dec 24- 26

Church Museum and Cabinet War Rooms a historic museum dedicated to the history of British Prime Minister who used these rooms as his official headquarters during World War II.


Jewel Tower (London)

Abington Street

Tel. 020 7222 2219

Subway: Westminster

Open: Apr- Oct: 10am- 5pm

Nov- March: 10am- 4pm

Closed: Dec 24- 26

Jewel Tower is one of the remaining parts of the original medieval Palace of Westminster. Jewel Tower was erected here in 1365 upon orders of Edward III who used this tower as a place for his treasures and riches. Today Jewel Tower houses an interesting exhibition of Parliament Past and Present dedicated to history of the British Parliament. Another small exhibition is devoted to the times when Jewel Tower was used as the office of weights and measures between 1869 and 1938.


Dean's Yard (London)

Broad Sanctuary

Subway: Westminster

Closed to the public

Dean's Yard was found here in 1540 as a Westminster School.


Banqueting House (London)


Tel. 0844 482 7777 and 020 3166 6000

Subway: Westminster, Charing Cross, Embankment

Open: 10am- 5pm Mon- Sat

Closed: Sun, public holidays, Dec 24- Jan 1

Banqueting House was erected in 1622 under supervision of architect Inigo Jones. This elegant building also has a splendid ceiling covere by frescoes of Rubens.


Saint John's, Smith Square (London)

Smith Square

Tel. 020 7222 1061

Subway: Westminster

Box office: 10am- 5pm


Saint Margaret's Church (London)

Parliament Square

Tel. 020- 7654 4840

Subway: Westminster

Open: 9:30am- 3:30pm Mon- Fri

9:30am- 1:30pm Sat, 2- 5pm Sun

Service: 11am Sun


Cenotaph (London)


Subway: Westminster

Cenotaph was constructed in 1920 as a war memorial to Edwin Lutyens.


Guards Museum (London)

Birdcage Walk

Tel. 020 7414 3428

Subway: Saint James's Park

Open: 10am- 4pm

Closed: Christmas

Houses of Parliament (London)

Tel. 020 7219 3000, 0844 847 1672

Bus: 3, 11, 12, 24, 53, 77a, 88, 109, 159, 184, 511

Subway: Westminster

Commons Visitors' Galleries

Open: 2:30- 10:30pm Mon, Tue

11:30am- 7:30pm Wed

10:30am- 6:30pm Thu

9:30am- 3pm Fri

Closed: Easter, Whitsun Recess, mid- July- early Sept, Christmas, public holidays

Lords Visitors' Galleries:

Open: 2:30- 10pm Mon, Tue

3- 10pm Wed

11am- 7:30pm Thu

Houses of Parliament or Palace of Westminster became the seat of two Houses of Parliament in 1512, although Westminster Hall date back to the original structure that was erected in 1097. British legislative body is divided into House of the Lords and the Commons. The Commons are made up of Members of Parliament that get elected. Majority in the Parliament can form the Government while the rest of the group make up the Opposition.


Big Ben (London)


Bridge Street

Subway: Westminster

Closed to the public

Big Ben is probably one of the most iconic symbols of British capital of London. Despite common misconception Big Ben is not a name of a 320 feet (106 m) tall tower, but a bell that was hanged here in 1858. Four smaller bells ring every quarter of an hour, while the Big Ben marks every hour. The Bell was named after Sir Benjamin (Ben) Hall, Chief Commissioner of Works. The clock of the tower is the largest in Britain with its dials measuring at 23 ft (7.5 m) in diameter. Its minute hand reaches a length of 14 ft (4.25 m). It is made up of hollow copper to reduce the weight.


Tate Britain (London)


Tel. 020 7887 8888

Subway: Pimlico

Bus: C10, 36, 87, 88, 159, 185, 436, 507

Rail: Victoria, Vauxhall

Open: 10am- 5:50pm daily

Closed: 24- 26


Queen Anne's Gate (London)

Subway: St. James's Park


St. James's Park Station (London)

55 Broadway

Subway: St. James's Park


Blewcoat School (London)

23 Caxton Street

Tel. 020- 7222 2877

Subway: Saint James's Park

Open: 10am- 5:30pm Mon- Fri

10am- 4pm Sat, Nov 7- Dec 19


Trafalgar Square and Soho Square


National Gallery (London)


Trafalgar Square

Tel. 020 7747 2885

Subway: Charing Cross, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus

Bus: 3, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 23, 24, 29, 88, 91, 139, 159, 176, 453

Rails: Charing Cross

Open: 10am- 6pm Sat- Thu, 10am- 5pm Fri

Closed: Dec 24- 26, Jan 1


St. Martin- in- the- Fields (London)

Trafalgar Square

Tel. 020- 7766 1100

Subway: Charing Cross

Service: 8am, 10am, 12pm, 5pm, 6:30pm Sun

Rubbing Centre

Tel. 020- 7766 1122

Open: 10am- 7pm Mon- Wed

10am- 9pm Thu- Sat, 11:30am- 6pm Sun



National Portrait Gallery (London)

2 St. Martin's Place

Tel. 020- 7312 2463

Subway: Leicester Square, Charing Cross

Open: 10am- 6pm Sat- Wed, 10am- 9pm Thu- Fri

Closed: Dec 24- 26


Theatre Royal Haymarket (London)


Tel. 0845- 481 1870

Subway: Piccadilly Circus

Soho Square (London)


Court Road

Subway: Tottenham


Trafalgar Square (London)


Subway: Charing Cross


Photographers' Gallery (London)

16- 18 Ramillies Street

Subway: Oxford Circus

Open: 11am- 6pm daily


Palace Theatre (London)

Shaftesbury Avenue

Tel Box Office: 0844- 755 0016

Subway: Leicester Square



Covent Garden and The Strand


Wyndham's Theatre (London)

Charing Cross Road

Tel. 0844 482 5138

Subway: Leicester Square


Savoy Hotel (London)


Tel. 020- 7836 4343

Subway: Charing Cross, Embankment


Savoy Chapel (London)


Tel. 020- 7836 7221

Subway: Charing Cross, Embankment

Open: 11:30am- 3:30pm Tue- Fri

Closed: Aug- Sept

Service: 11am Sun


Somerset House (London)


Tel. 020- 7845 4600

Subway: Temple

Open: 10am- 6pm daily

Closed: Jan 1, Dec 24- 26

Adelphi Theatre (London)



Tel. 0844 412 4651

Subway: Charing Cross, Embankment


Saint Paul's Church (London)

Bedford Street

Tel. 020- 7836 5221

Subway: Covent Garden

Open: 8:30am- 4:30pm Mon- Fri, 9am- 1pm Sun

Service: 11am Sun


Royal Opera House (London)

Covent Garden

Tel. 020- 7304 4000

Subway: Covent Garden


London's Transport Museum (London)

The Piazza

Tel. 020- 7379 6344 and 020- 7565 7299

Subway: Covent Garden

Open: 10am- 6pm Sat- Thu, 11am- 6pm Fri


The London Coliseum (London)

Saint Martin's Lane

Tel. 0871- 911 0200

Subway: Leicester Square, Charing Cross


Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia


British Museum (London)

Great Russell

Tel. 020 7323 8000

Subway: Tottenham Court Road, Holborn, Russel Square

Bus: 7, 8, 10, 14, 19, 24, 25, 29, 30, 38, 55, 68, 73, 134, 188

Rails: Euston, King's Cross

Open: 10am- 5:30pm Sat- Thu

10am- 8:30pm Fri

Closed: Jan 1, Good Fri, Dec 24- 26


Charles Dickens Museum (London)

48 Doughty Street

Tel. 020- 7405 2127

Subway: Chancery Lane, Russel Square

Open: 10am- 5pm daily


Foundling Museum (London)

40 Brunswick Square

Tel. 020- 7841 3600

Subway: Russell Square

Open: 10am- 5pm Tue- Sat, 11am- 5pm Sun

Closed: Jan 1, Dec 24- 26, 31

Russell Hotel and Russel Square (London)

Subway: Russell Square

Open: 7:30am- 10pm daily


Saint George's, Bloomsbury (London)


Tel. 020- 7242 1979

Subway: Holborn, Tottenham Court Road, Russel Square

Open: 1- 4 pm

Service: 1:10pm Wed, Fri, 10:30am Sun


British Library (London)

96 Euston Road

Tel. 0843- 208 1144

Subway: King's Cross Street Pancras

Open: 9:30am- 6pm Mon- Fri

9:30am- 8pm Tue, 9:30am- 5pm Sat, 11am- 5pm Sun


Fitzroy Tavern (London)

16 Charlotte Street

Tel. 020- 7580 3714

Subway: Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street

Open: 11am- 11pm Mon- Sat, 12- 10:30pm Sun


Holborn and The Inns of Court


Temple (London)

Inner Temple

King's Bench Walk

Tel. 020 7797 8250

Subway: Temple

Open: 12:30- 3pm Mon- Fri

Middle Temple Hall

Middle Temple Lane

Tel. 020 7427 4800

Open: 10am- 11:30pm, 3- 4pm Mon- Fri

Temple Church

Tel. 020 7353 3470

Open: Wed- Fri

The church of Temple was erected in the 13th century by the legendary Knights Templar. It was mentioned in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. But despite its false claims Temple burial chamber owes its round shape to the Church of Sepulchre in Jerusalem and not some evil conspiracy society.

Lincoln's Inn (London)

Tel. 020- 7405 1393

Subway: Holborn, Chancery Lane

Grounds: 7am- 7pm Mon- Fri

Chapel: 12- 2:30pm Mon- Fri


Staple Inn (1586) (London)


Subway: Chancery Lane

Courtyard: 9am- 5pm Mon- Fri


Sir John Soane's Museum (London)

13 Lincoln's Inn Fields

Tel. 020- 7440 4263

Subway: Holborn

Open: 10am- 5pm Tue- Sat, 6- 9pm first Tue of the month

Closed: Sun, Mon, Christmas


Saint Clement Danes (London)


Tel. 020- 7242 8282

Subway: Temple

Open: 9am- 4pm daily

Closed: Dec 25- 27, public holidays

Service: 12:30am Wed, Fri, 11am Sun


The City


Tower of London (London)

Tower Hill

Tel. 0844 482 7799 and 0870 756 7070

Subway: Tower Hill

Bus: RV1, 15, X15, 25, 42, 78, 100

Rails: Fenchurch Street


Docklands Light Railway Tower Gateway

Open: Mar- Oct 9am- 6pm Tue- Sat

10am- 6pm Sat and Sun

Nov- Feb 9am- 5pm Tue- Sat

10am- 5pm Sun and Mon

Tower Closed: Jan 1, Dec 24- 26


Saint Stephen Walbrook (London)

39 Walbrook

Tel. 020 7627 9000

Subway: Bank, Cannon Street

Open: 10am- 4pm Mon- Fri

Service: 12:45pm Thu


Apothecaries' Hall (London)

Blackfriars Lane

Tel. 020- 7236 1189

Subway: Blackfriars

Courtyard: 9am- 5pm Mon- Fri

Closed: public holidays

Tower Bridge (London)

Tel. 020 7403 3761

Subway: Tower Hill

The Tower Bridge Exhibition: Apr- Sept 10am- 6:30pm

Oct- March: 9:30am- 6pm

Closed: Dec 24, 25, 26


All Hallows by the Tower (London)

Byward Street

Tel. 020 7481 2928

Subway: Tower Hill

Open: 8am- 6pm Mon- Fri

10am- 5pm Sat and Sun

Closed: Dec 26- Jan 2

Service: 11am Sun


St. Paul's Cathedral (London)

Ludgate Hill

Tel. 020 7236 4128

Subway: Saint Paul's, Mansion House

Bus: 6, 8, 11, 15, 22, 23, 25, 76

Rails: City Thames

Cathedral: open 8:30am- 4pm Mon- Sat

Galleries: 9:30am- 4:15pm

Crypt and Ambulatory: 9:15am- 4:15pm

Saint Paul's Cathedral was erected after the Great Fire of London of 1666. Original medieval church on this site was destroyed by violent blazes. After the fires subsided the government summoned architect Christopher Wren to rebuild the cathedral. It took several years before Wren finally got his project finally approved and the project of construction of the new church finally began.


Smithfield and Spitalfields


Museum of London (London)

London Wall

Tel. 020 7001 9844

Subway: Barbican, St.Paul's, Moorgate

Bus: 4, 8, 25, 56, 100, 172, 242, 521

Rails: City Thameslink, Moorgate

Open: 10am- 6pm daily

Closed: Dec 24- 26

Museum of London opened its doors in 1976. It holds a vast collection of artefacts and items from the time periods that cover from the prehistoric times to modern period.


St. Botolph Aldersgate (London)

Aldersgate St.

Tel. 020- 7606 0684

Subway: Saint Paul's Barbican, Moorgate

Open: 1- 4 pm Tue

Service: 1pm Tue


Charterhouse (London)

Charterhouse Sq

Tel. 020- 7251 5002

Subway: Barbican

Smithfield Market (London)

Charterhouse Street

Subway: Farrington, Barbican

Open: 3- 9am Mon- Fri

Closed: public holidays

Smithfield Market was erected in 1867 as a meat market under supervision of Horace Jones.


Christ Church, Spitalfields (London)

Commercial Street

Tel. 020- 7377 6793

Subway: Liverpool Street

Open: 11am- 4pm Mon- Fri, 1- 4pm Sun

Service: 10:30am Sun


Southwark and Bankside


Shakespeare's Globe (London)

New Globe Walk

Tel. 020 7902 1500

Box Office: 020 7401 9919

Subway: Southwark, London Bridge

Exhibition: May- Sept 9am- 5:30pm

Oct- Apr 10am- 5:30pm

Shakespeare's Globe is a reconstructed version of the famous Globe Theatre. Famous writer William Shakespeare used its stage for his plays. Unfortunately the original building burned down. Current building is a reasonably well detailed replica of the original building. Performances are played here just like in the time of Queen Elizabeth in the summer months, while exhibition of Globe's history is open all year round.



Cardinal's Wharf (London)

Subway: London Bridge

Cardinal's Wharf is a small group of 17th century private residences that miraculously survived centuries of London growth and development. Historians believe that the name of these quarters were given in honor of Cardinal Wolsey who was Bishop of Winchester in 1529. Among notable former residents here architect Christopher Wren is probably most famous. He lived here during construction of a new Saint Paul's Cathedral.

Southwark Cathedral (London)

Montague Close

Tel. 020- 7367 6700

Subway: London Bridge

Open: 8am- 6pm Mon- Fri, 8:30am- 6pm Sat, Sun

Southwark Cathedral was originally found in the 12th century. Despite numerous reconstructions the church still holds many of the features of the original medieval structure. This include memorial to 13th century wooden effigy of a knight.


Bankside Gallery (London)

48 Hopton Street

Tel. 020 7928 7521

Subway: Blackfriars, Southwark

Open: 11am- 6pm

Closed: Dec 24- 26, Jan 1


Tate Modern (London)


Tel. 020- 7887 8888

Subway: Blackfriars, Mansion House, Southwark

Bus: 45, 63, 100, 344, 381

Open: 10am- 6pm Sun- Thu, 10am- 10pm Fri- Sat

Closed: Dec 24- 26


South Bank


London Eye (London)

Tel. 0870- 5000 600

Bus: 11, 24, 211

Open: daily

Closed: Dec 25, Jan 6- 26

London Eye is the largest Ferris Wheel in the World. It reaches a total height of 135 meters or 443 feet above city below. You can see the Thames river below and much of historic London for up to 42 km or 26 miles in all directions. You can take 30 minutes for one turn of the wheel or a whole hour.

Imperial War Museum (London)

Lambeth Road

Tel. 020- 7416 5000

Subway: Lambeth North, Elephant and Castle

Open: 10am- 6pm daily

Closed: Dec 24- 26




National Army Museum (London)


Royal Hospital Road

Tel. 020 7730 0717

Subway: Sloane Square

Open: 10am- 5:30pm daily

Closed: Jan 1, Dec 24- 26


Chelsea Physic Garden (London)

66 Royal Hospital Road

Tel. 020- 7352 5646

Subway: Sloane Square

Open: Apr- Oct: 12- 5pm Tue- Fri, 12- 6pm Sun

Sloane Square (London)


Subway: Sloane Square


South Kensington and Knightsbridge


Hyde Park (London)

Tel. 020- 7298 2100

Subway: Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge, Lancaster Gate, Marble Arch

Open: 5am- 12am daily


Victoria and Albert Museum (London)

Cromwell Road

Tel. 020 7942 2000

Subway: South Kensington

Bus: 14, 74, 414, C1

Open: 10am- 5:45pm Sat- Thu

10am- 10pm Fri

Closed: Dec 24- 26



Brompton Oratory (London)

Brompton Road

Tel. 020- 7808 0900

Subway: South Kensington

Open: 6am- 8pm daily

Service: 11am Sun

Science Museum (London)


Exhibition Road

Tel. 0870 870 4868

Subway: South Kensington

Bus: 9, 10, 14, 49, 52, 74, 345, 360, 414, C1

Open: 10am- 6pm daily

Closed: Dec 24- 26


Natural History Museum (London)

Cromwell Road

Tel. 020 7942 5000

Subway: South Kensington
Bus: 14, 49, 70, 74, 345, 360, 414, C1

Open: 10am- 5:50pm daily

10am- 10:30pm last Friday of the month

Closed: Dec 24- 26


Kensington and Holland Park


Holland House (London)

Holland Park

Youth Hostel

Tel. 020- 7937 0748

Subway: Holland Park, High Street Kensington


Leighton House (London)

12 Holland Park Road

Tel. 020- 7602 3316

Subway: High Street Kensington

Open: 10am- 5:30pm Wed- Mon

Closed: Jan 1- 2, Dec 25- 28


Linley Sambourne House (London)

18 Stafford Terrace

Tel. 020- 7602 3316

Subway: High Street Kensington

Holland Park (London)

Abbotsbury Road

Tel. 020- 7361 3003

Subway: Holland Park, High Street Kensington, Notting Hill Gate

Open: dawn- dusk daily

Closed: Dec 25

Concerts: Tel 020-7361 3570


Kensington Roof Gardens (London)

99 Kensington High Street

Tel. 020- 7937 7994

Open: 9am- 5pm daily


Kensington Palace Gardens (London)

Subway: High Street Kensington, Notting Hill Gate, Queensway


Notting Hill (London)

Subway: Notting Hill Gate


Regent's Park and Marylebone


Regent's Park (London)


Tel. 020- 7486 7905

Subway: Regent's Park, Baker Street, Great Portland Street

Open: 5am- dusk daily

Regent's Park was found here in 1812. Its layout was designed by John Nash. Several small villas were also erected here.


Sherlock Holmes Museum (London)

221b Baker Street

Tel. 020 7224 3688

Subway: Baker Street

Open: 9:30am- 6pm daily

Closed: Dec 25

Sherlock Holmes Museum was originally constructed in 1815, but it became World famous due to a fictional character Sherlock Holmes who supposedly lived on 221b Baker Street. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books became so popular that this residence was converted to a museum of a fictional character. Furniture, items and many things inside Sherlock Holmes Museum date back to the time period of late reign of Queen Victoria.


Cumberland Terrace (London)

Subway: Great Portland Street, Regent's Park, Camden Town


London Zoo (London)

Regent's Park

Tel. 020- 7722 3333

Subway: Camden Town

Open: 10am- 5:30pm  Apr- Oct

10am- 4:30pm Nov- Mar

Closed: Dec 25

Madam Tussauds/ London Planetarium (London)


Marylebone Road

Tel. 0871 894 3000

Subway: Baker Street

Open: 9:30am- 5:30pm Mon- Fri

9am- 6pm Sat and Sun

Closed: Dec 25

Madame Tussauds is a World famous museum of wax figures that represent historical figures as well as our contemporaries. Madame Tussauds first opened its doors in 1835, but it moved to its current location in 1884.



London Central Mosque (London)

146 Park Road

Tel. 020- 7725 2213

Subway: Marylebone, St. John's Wood, Baker Street

Open: dawn- dusk daily




Fenton House (London)

20 Hampstead Grove

Tel. 01494 755 563

Subway: Hampstead

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Greenwich and Blackheath


National Maritime Museum (London)

Romney Road

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Royal Observatory Greenwich (London)

Greenwich Park

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How to get here

By plane
London has several airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and Southend

Heathrow : It is the only airport connected to the city by subway.
There are two trains that connect the airport to the central Paddington station: the Heathrow Express and the Heathrow Connect. The two make the same route. The Express does it without stops from Paddington to Heathrow in 15 min (quite expensive) and the Connect has several intermediate stops and covers it in 25 min, being consequently cheaper (August 2007-6.90 ₤). It is a good way to avoid 55min or more of the subway trip to zone 6.

The metro is cheaper: 3.5 ₤ (LV 7-19h) or 2 ₤ (rest of the time) with the Oyster card 4 ₤ for an individual ticket.

Gatwick : Although it has no subway, it is connected by train to central London. The fastest is the Gatwick Express [1] , but also the most expensive. In half an hour it arrives from Gatwick to Victoria Station without stops. The journey costs about 15 ₤ (approx. € 22.50) and within the train they sell soft drinks and snacks in a cart like on airplanes. You can buy tickets online, and with some airlines sometimes make a discount.
Stansted : Stansted Airport is located about 45 km from central London. The city center can be reached by train or bus. The Stansted Express is the train that runs from the airport to the station on Liverpool Street. The duration is about 45 minutes. The rates are as follows:

Economy: One way: £ 15.00 - Children: £ 7.25 Round trip: £ 25.00 - Children: £ 12

-Business: One way: £ 24.00 - Children: £ 11 Round trip: £ 40.00 - Children: £ 19.30

It can also be reached by bus. The Terravision company is the cheapest, but the problem is that it does not have 24-hour services (the National Express buses do offer them). Terravisión offers two lines, one that goes to Victoria Station and the other to Bromley By Bow - Liverpool Street - Finsbury Square.

Stansted Airport - Victoria Station ---> Duration: approximately 75 minutes

Round trip: £ 8.50 - Children £ 5 Round trip: £ 14 - Children £ 7

Stansted Airport - Bromley By Bow - Liverpool Street - Finsbury Square ---> Duration: 60 minutes

Round trip: £ 7 - Children £ 4 Round trip: £ 14 - Children £ 7

The taxi ride to central London (there is a counter to hire it at the moment) costs 95 pounds.
London city

Located in the docklands and in the financial district. A new, tiny and super comfortable airport to go to central London. British Airways, Air France and some other internal companies fly. It has buses and train at the same door.

By boat
On your trip to London you should not miss a walk on the Thames. The rain of London cannot prevent you from taking this trip since all the boats have a roof.

By train
There are trains that cross the continent from London (Saint-Pancras International Station) to Paris or Brussels. This service is traveled by the "Eurostar" trains that cross the tunnel of the English Channel. The Eurostar takes 2 hours 30 min. from Paris to reach Saint-Pancras International Station. The station is in the heart of the city, a few minutes by subway from the liveliest neighborhoods, such as Leicester Square. If you take into account the time of transfers between airports and the city center and almost systematic flight delays, it is much easier to take the train if you are near one of the Eurostar stations.

The prices are more or less the same, but Eurostar regularly has weekend deals, more or less € 100 round trip in second class, departing from Paris. If you make your reservation at least fifteen days in advance you can also benefit from the "Jocker" rates, which offer you a 50% discount on the normal rate.

There are buses between Paris and London, do not close that the only option is the train that if no previous reservations were made can have very high values. A good option to get to London from Paris is the bus, the company responsible is called Eurolines, they have web. A roundtrip paris london ticket can range around 70 euros. The bus crosses by ferry from Calais (France) to Dover (England). The exit is obviously from Paris.