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Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle


Location: Castle St., Porchester, Hampshire   Map

Constructed: 11th century by William Maudit

Tel. 023 9237 8291

Open: daily

Closed: 1 Jan, 24- 26 Dec




Description of Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle is a medieval castle in Porchester, Hampshire in United Kingdom. Portchester Castle was constructed in 11th century by William Maudit on a site much older ancient Roman fortress. Portchester Castle is said to be haunted by a ghost of a woman that rides horse. Locals call her Charlotte although it is hard to say where did the name was born. Another haunting is that of a apparition of a medieval monk who walks through the inner area of the castle.


The castle of Portchester is a medieval castle protected as a grade I listed monument located east of Fareham, in the county of Hampshire, on the north shore of the port of Portsmouth. It was built from the 11th century on a site of an Ancient Roman fort (in Latin Portus Adurni). It was a baronial castle then passed under royal control in 1154. The English sovereigns owned the castle for several centuries and was the favorite hunting lodge of King John Senzaterra. Portchester Castle was besieged and conquered by the French in 1216 before returning definitively under English control.




Portchester Castle





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