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Description of Sandringham House

Sandringham House is a beautiful residence situated near a village of Sandringham in Norfolk, United Kingdom.  The history of Sandringham House started in 1771 when architect Cornish Henley started the construction by clearing 20,000 acres (8,100 ha) of land. Today its is privately owned by the British Royal Family. Later in the 19th century Sandringham House was reconstructed under supervision of Charles Spencer Cowper, a stepson of Lord Palmerston.


Sandringham House has been inhabited since the Elizabethan era, and in 1771 the architect Cornish Henley prepared the site to build Sandringham Hall. The mansion was modified during the 19th century by Charles Spencer Cowper, a stepson of Lord Palmerston, who added the porch and conservatory, designed by architect Samuel Sanders Teulon.

In 1862, the mansion was acquired by Queen Victoria, at the request of the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VII), as a residence for him and his then future wife Alexandra of Denmark. In 1865, however, two years after moving, the size of the mansion was insufficient for the needs of the prince, and he commissioned J. Humbert to destroy the building and create a larger one.

The red brick house that turned out was finished in 1870 with a peculiar mix of styles. This house design has generally not been very successful in the Victorian era. This new design incorporated a large entrance that is used by the royal family as a place of entertainment and for family occasions. Later a new wing was added to the building with a more traditional style, incorporating a ballroom, resulting in a more coherent design. The architecture of the new building was traditional, but was ahead of the time in some details, such as gas lighting, toilets with cistern, and a first shower model. A part of the building was destroyed in a fire during the preparations for the party of the 50th anniversary of the Prince of Wales in 1891, and later rebuilt.


Sandrimgham House has been the private residence of four generations of kings. However, with doubts at the beginning, Princess Alexandra ended up loving Sandringham. The main features of the new building were the larger windows which contributed to illuminate the interior more. The new building was built with the main objective of the comfort of the inhabitants and not the beauty of the building as had happened in other residences. Despite the size of Sandringham and the spaciousness of the main rooms, the bedrooms were very narrow.

The sons of Edward and Alexandra, Prince Albert, Duke of Clarence and Prince George (George V of the United Kingdom), for example, had very small bedrooms. The spacious grounds, however, allowed Alexandra to maintain her collection of horses, dogs, cats, farm turkeys, and other animals - such as a large ram saved from an Egyptian butcher. The animals enchanted their children, and later their grandchildren. The sons of George V liked to visit Sandringham and his grandparents. A statue in the shape of a baboon with a tray for business cards was another of the things that children loved. Both Edward and Alexandra, but especially Alexandra adored the children. The atmosphere was very different from what it was like at home, especially when his father was with them. The kennels were a delight for the children. Since the death of Edward VII, Sandringham has been one of the favorite places of the members of the Royal Family to go to spend a vacation.

Since King George VI died at Sandringham in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has been in the habit of spending the anniversary of her father's death in Sandringham, privately with her family. It is your residence until February every year. The house first opened to the public in 1977, and houses a museum with different objects of Real life and the history of the Mansion.

The Mansion has been the favorite of the Royal Family, which still spends the New Year in it. It is also a perfect location to practice shooting and is used as a venue for shooting competitions. Such was the fondness for hunting of Edward VII, who ordered that all the clocks in the house were delayed half an hour to be able to have more hunting time. This tradition was maintained on the farm from 1901 to 1936 when King Edward VIII decided to eliminate that tradition.

The farm also contains the York Cottage, built by Edward VII after moving. Diana, Princess of Wales was born in Park House in 1961. Anmer Hall is a Georgian house that was the home of the Duke of Kent for a time, and is now the country house of the Dukes of Cambridge.

Together with Balmoral Castle, Sandringham House is owned by the British Royal Family and is not part of the estate of the state. His succession became a fact in 1936, when Eduardo VIII abdicated as king.