Sizergh Castle

Sizergh Castle

Location: Off A591 & A590, Sizergh, Cumbria Map

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Description of Sizergh Castle

Sizergh Castle & Garden is a castle and manor house and extensive gardens in Sizergh, Cumbria in northern England. It is approximately four miles south of Kendal and is a National Trust Site of Conservation.

The Gervase Deincourt family came into possession of the land through a gift from King Henry II in the 1170s. With the marriage of Elizabeth Deincourt to Sir William de Stirkeland in 1239, the entire estate passed into the hands of the Strickland family, who owned it until it was donated to the National Trust in 1950. The family still occupies the premises.

The centerpiece of the medieval castle is the 14th-century Pele Tower (a kind of keep) surrounded by Tudor House. The tower is over 20 meters high and its walls are 3 meters thick. Around 1450 the Great Hall and two other wings of the building were added, making life more comfortable. In Elizabethan times, the building was fitted with oak furniture and oak wall and ceiling paneling, some of which were decorated with elaborate inlay work. Some of the furnishings are now in the Victoria and Albert Museum. At the end of the 20th century, the museum began restoring the panelling. As early as 1770, the great hall was expanded in the Georgian style.

Like many other medieval castles, Sizergh Castle is said to have a ghost. It is said that the lady of the castle starved to death after her husband locked her in a room and left the castle for a long time. It is said that you can occasionally hear her screaming.

The entire site covers 6.4 square kilometers (1600 hectares), the innermost part is the garden with two lakes and a recently awarded rock garden. This property dates from 1336 when an authorization from Edward III. Sir Walter Strickland permitted the land around Sizergh to be surrounded as his exclusive park. The rock garden, added in 1926, is the largest limestone rock garden owned by the National Trust. Part of the National Collection of hardy ferns, the garden is known for its design by planting the plants with different leaf colors and shapes.

A number of paintings can be seen in the castle, including a portrait of Queen Mary and her daughter Princess Louisa Maria by Alexis Simon Belle.

Every year from April to October, parts of the building and the gardens are open to the public for a fee.

Sizergh Castle

Sizergh Castle