Stump Cross Caverns

Stump Cross Caverns

Location: Greenhow Hill Rd (B6265) between Wharfedale and Nidderdale, North Yorkshire Map

Tel. 01756 752780

Open: Mar- Nov: daily

Dec- Feb: Sat, Sun & public holidays

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Description of Stump Cross Caverns

Stump Cross Caverns is a picturesque underground cave system situated between Wharfedale and Nidderdale in North Yorkshire County in United Kingdom. The first known exploration of Stump Cross Caverns was undertaken in 1922 by a local student Christoper Long who explored long stretches of this natural tunnels. He discovered several fossils of the reindeer and made his find famous. It was soon open to the public who came here to see cave's splendid stalactites and stalagmites. Archaeological digs here reveals many bones of European bison, reindeer, and wolverine. One of the reindeer skeletons contained a skeleton of an unborn animal that died along with a pregnant mother.