Acton Castle


Location: Perranuthnoe, Penzance, Cornwall Map


Haunting of Acton Castle

Acton Castle is a small mansion in Perranuthnoe, Cornwall region of United Kingdom. It was constructed in 1775 by Mr. John Stackhouse of Pendarves. He became famous as a distinguished botanist by publishing illustrated work known as Nereis Britannica in 1797. His studied in Stackhouse Cove underneath Acton Castle. In the 20th century Acton Castle was increased with addition of two storey wings. Acton Castle is allegedly haunted by a former lady of the castle. During her life time she had installed an electric buzzer in the early 20th century. After she died the buzzer was removed. However many visitors of Acton Castle claimed to have heard the sound of the electric buzzer. Among these visitors was a priest who spent a night in the former bedroom of the lady of the castle. He claimed that he couldn't sleep hearing buzzer go on and off during the night. Eventually he was forced to leave the room.