Amberley Castle

Location: Amberley, West Sussex   Map

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Amberley Castle is allegedly haunted medieval citadel in the village of Amberley, West Sussex of United Kingdom. It was erected in 12th century as a manor house. Later in 1377 it was fortified and increased to became a formidable castle. Under orders of bishops of Chichester Amberley Castle high defensive curtain wall was added along with a hall, gateway and several tower. Today it is open to the public as a hotel.


Haunting in Amberley Castle Hotel

Local legend claim that Amberley Castle Hotel is a haunted place. These stories claim that bishop of Chichester seduced a poor peasant girl named Emily who worked at the kitchen of the Amberley Castle. Poor girl died either from a disease or by taking her own life depending on a version of the story. Regardless of the way she died many people claim to have seen her sobbing figure appear in the halls of the fortress. These sightings are particularly common around a former medieval kitchen where she used to work.