Brancepeth Castle

Brancepeth Castle

Location: village Brancepeth, 5 miles South- West of the city of Durham Map

Constructed: 14th century

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Description of Brancepeth Castle

Brancepeth Castle  Brancepeth Castle

Brancepeth Castle is a medieval citadel that stands in village Brancepeth, 5 miles South- West of the city of Durham in the Durham County of United Kingdom.  Brancepeth Castle was originally constructed by the Normans in the 14th century. At this site, there were a number of different buildings. The first was a Norman castle built by the Bulmer family and renovated by the Neville family in the late 14th century. For many years, the Neville family owned this castle before being confiscated by the Crown in 1569 after the family's involvement in the northward uprising.


However much of modern appearance dates back to the 19th century when the original medieval stronghold was increased first under John Matthew Russell in 1820's and later in 1850's for William Russell under supervision of architect Anthony Salvin. Currently the castle is privately owned by a Dobson family. They held craft fair and open air Shakespeare plays performances in the warmer months of the year.

Brancepeth Castle