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Dacre Castle


Location: Dacre, Cumbria  Map

Constructed: 1307 by William de Dacre




Description of Dacre Castle

Dacre Castle is a small well preserved tower house in the village of Dacre 7 kilometres (4 mi) south-west of Penrith in Cumbria County of United Kingdom. Dacre Castle was constructed in 1307 by William de Dacre. The legend claims that it was constructed on a site of ancient meeting place between neighboring kings. On one occasion they met to discuss peace treaty with the invading Vikings from Scandinavia. It failed and marauder attacks continued. Many locals believe that these kings appear in regret of their false hopes to find peaceful solution to the conflict. In 1675 Thomas Lennard, 15th Baron Dacre and 1st Earl of Sussex reconstructed the medieval citadel to make it more habitable as a residence. By that time the castle lost much of its strategic military importance so it was transformed into a residence with windows cut in the thick walls and other improvements made in the interior. In 1715 the baron died and his estate was sold to the Edward Hasell of Dalemain. It remained in the possession of his family every since. It is one of the few medieval castles that was continuously inhabited since the time it was constructed.

Haunting in Dacre Castle

These is a belief that the Dacre Castle is haunted by a young woman. The legend goes that in the 15th century Sir Guy Dacre fell in love with beautiful Eloise, daughter of a French aristocratic family. She refused his advances, but Sir Dacre did not stop. Young heir of the estate decided to get help from an Italian tutor to vow her. Instead the tutor fell in love with Eloise and began an affair with her, while the noble man went to fight in Scotland. Once Sir Dacre returned home he was met by his loyal best friend Lyulph. Lyulph told him about the affair between his beloved and an Italian tutor. Sir Guy Dacre was so enraged he killed the tutor, threw his body in the dungeon. Eloise soon followed. She refused to marry Sir Dacre and was thrown in the same room with her dead lover. There she died from starvation. Many locals claim that on some nights you can hear her sobbing and crying in the old medieval tower.






Dacre Castle

Dacre Castle





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