Donnington Castle

 Donnington Castle

Location: Berkshire Map

Constructed: 1386 by Sir Richard Abberbury the Elder



Description of Donnington Castle

Donnington Castle  Donnington Castle

Donnington Castle is a medieval castle situated near village of Donnington, North of town of Newbury in the Berkshire County in England. It was constructed in 1386 by Sir Richard Abberbury the Elder following a crenellation permit issued by King Richard II of England in 1386. Donnington castle was later purchased by Thomas Chaucer, son of the poet Geoffrey Chaucer, as a residence for his daughter Alice de la Pole, future Duchess of Suffolk. It passed it on to the Tudor family, and the building becomes royal property. King Henry VIII lived tere, along with his daughter, future Queen Elizabeth I; the latter even asked to live there in 1554 during her imprisonment by her sister, Marie Ire, but was not allowed to do so.


When the First English Revolution breaks out, Donnington castle is owned by the Packer family of parliamentarians. After the first battle of Newbury, September 20, 1643, fortress was captured by the king and guarded by John Boys; although besieged during most of the war, the castle manages to maintain calm on the roads of London in south-west England and Oxford in Southampton. During the Second Battle of Newbury, October 27, 1644, the armies of the Parliamentary Assailants were repulsed; but after an 18-month siege, the garrison surrendered and joined the Royalist forces in Wallingford.

In 1646, Parliament voted to demolish Donnington castle. It remains only the door and the foundations, properties of English Heritage.