Ewloe Castle (Castell Ewlo)

Ewloe Castle


Location: Wales Map


Description of Ewloe Castle

Ewloe Castle is a medieval motte-and-bailey citadel that stands near village of Ewloe in Flinshire in North East Wales of United Kingdom.  Construction of Ewloe Castle began on the border of Wales with England in 1257 upon the orders of Llywelyn the Last. Current castle apparently stands on an older citadel of the 12th century constructed by Owain Gwynedd and Llywelyn the Great. Llywelyn succeeded in a struggle against English, but independent Wales didn't last for long. Ewlow's founder was captured in 1277 and decapitated by Edward I in 1282. During English invasion the castle was not mentioned which probably means that there was no siege here.


The castle is in fairly bad condition, but its picturesque ruins with beautiful surroundings is not the only thing that draws people here. Judging by the stories of the locals the castle is haunted by headless Monk and even a whole marching army, probably English. Some locals also tell of the story of the Nun who comes here to find her abandoned baby she accidentally dropped while fleeing her enemies. Assuming the baby is dead she committed suicide. Her ghost is said to be the most common sighting in the area.