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Location: Tower Str, Richmond, North Yorkshire  Map

Tel. 01748 822493

Entrance Fee: adults £4.50, children £2.30

Open: Oct- Apr: Thu- Mon

May- Sep: to 4pm daily

Richmond Castle

 Richmond Castle





 Description of Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle is a medieval citadel in Richmond, North Yorkshire United Kingdom. Richmond Castle construction began in 1071 by Alain Le Roux de Ponthievre of Brittany (also known as Alan the Red) upon orders of William of Conqueror who erected a series of fortress across England to secure his newly acquired possessions. A location for a new citadel was chosen on the banks of River Swale. In the 12th century Duke Conan the Little of the fortress constructed a 100 feet tall keep that rises over the rest of the hill. Its walls measured 11 feet (3.4 meters) in thickness. In case the castle fell it was the site of the last resort for the defenders. Today you can reach the top of the tower and take a look around the Richmond Castle. The castle did not see much action through its history. Eventually it was abandoned and fell in disrepair. In 1855 Richmond Castle served as headquarters of North Yorkshire Militia and a site of military barracks. These barracks briefly served as a home to Boy Scouts in 1908- 10. Eventually these new additions were demolished to preserve medieval appearance of the fortress. During World War I Richmond Castle served as a site for Non-Combatant Corps English conscientious objectors (usually for religious reasons) who refused to fight in Europe, but were conscripted anyway.

Richmond Castle

Legend of King Arthur

Although Richmond Castle saw only few skirmished with the local population it still keeps secrets and legends that are retold by generations. One of these legends claim that underground tunnels exist that connects it to the Easby Abbey nearby. Others even tie these legends with the legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. A local man by the name of Potter Thompson went for a walk after a bitter fight with his annoying wife. He reached the base of the Richmond Castle and discovered an entrance to the cave underneath the medieval citadel. He entered it and started walking. Eventually he discovered himself inside a large chamber with beautiful arches that held the old ceiling. Inside this room he discovered well preserved bodies of a great king and several knights in medieval armor. Besides a king Mr. Thomson found the legendary sword Excalibur and a horn. Obviously the local man tried to grab the sword, but as he did it all the knights in the chamber woke up. A failed thief threw down Excalibur and ran for the entrance. He didn't stop until he reached the surface. However once he looked back to make sure the knights awakened by his actions did not follow him, he saw a solid earthworks of the castle. The secret cave was gone and the secret of the final burial place of king Arthur became a legend that is retold to this day.











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