Someries Castle


Location: Hyde Parish, Bedfordshire  Map

Constructed: 15th century


Description of Someries Castle

Someries Castle is a medieval citadel near a town of Luton in the Hyde Parish, Bedfordshire in United Kingdom. This fortified manor house was erected in the 15th century for Sir John Wenlock, whose ghost was still to haunt the castle. At least that is what the locals claim. Someries Castle was partly demolished in the 18th century, but after recent reconstruction project its brick work have been preserved and restored.


The name "Someries Castle" is sold by William de Someries (or Somerys), who lived on the spot while the title "castle" is controversial, as it is not a fortress, but rather a fortified manor house. The place was purchased by Wenlock in 1430 and he started the construction of a manor house. The house is unique as it is considered one of the first brick buildings in England. The house was not completed by Wenlock, and it was partially demolished in the 1700s. The port is partly preserved, and there are remains of the original brick. It incorporates a chapel and monastery building.


Remains of the original manor house and / or former Norman fortress can be seen as earthquakes around the site where the house originally stood. The stone from the manor house was used to build nearby farm buildings in the 17th century.

In February 2007 the ruin was closed to the public to renovate it and make it safe to move around. A scaffold was erected, which destroyed a smaller part of the original walls. The ruins were reopened in 2008.