Darien National Park



Closest city: El Real  Map

Area: 5,790 km2 (579,000 ha)

Tel. 299 6579, 299 6183



Description of Darien National Park

The Darién National Park located in the province of Darién, Panama. It is approximately 325 kilometers from the city of Panama, and is the largest of all the National Parks of Panama, with 5790 km² and is one of the most important World Heritage sites in Central America. The closest city to Darien National Park is a city of El Real.

Darién National Park was declared in 1981 as a World Heritage Site and in 1983 as a Biosphere Reserve. Its most common species are the macaw, the parrot, the tapir and the harpy eagle, the National Bird of Panama. This park is valued for its important genetic heritage, the beauty of its rugged landscape and its jungle. To get to the park, visitors will usually fly to El Real, the city closest to the park.

The Darién National Park, created in 1980, has an approximate area of ​​560,000 ha that has almost 33.6% of the total surface of the province of Darién; The Darién National Park is the largest of all the National Parks of Panama and the largest protected area in Central America and the Caribbean. The Darien National Park was declared by UNESCO in 1981 as a World Heritage Site and in 1982 it was recognized as a Biosphere Reserve.

The Darién National Park is located in the Province of Darién, bordering the Colombian border, about 325 km from the city of Panama.
The main species that inhabit the Park are the harpy eagle (national bird of the country), the parrot, the macaw, the jaguar, the capibara (the largest rodent in the world), the wild dog, reptiles, among others. There are premontane and montane forests, cloud forests and dwarf forests in this part of the country, as well as large mangroves. The Darién is a very humid and rainy area. The summary area of ​​the reserve contains a wide variety of ecosystems and biodiversity.