Metropolitan Nature Park (Parque Natural Metropolitano)

Metropolitan Nature Park



Location: Panama City, Ancon district

Area: 232 ha

Tel. 232- 5552

Visitor center: Closed Sun


Description of The Metropolitan Nature Park

The Metropolitan Nature Park is a nature reserve situated within the borders of a Panama City in the Ancon district of Panama.  The Metropolitan Nature Park is located between Ascanio Villalaz Avenue and Amistad Road. It covers a total area of 232 ha. Despite its close proximity to the urban area it is home a rich biodiversity of animals, plants and birds.


Metropolitan Nature ParkTrails in Metropolitan Nature Park

Los Momotides Trail

It the shortest and one of the easiest trails in Metropolitan Nature Park. It has a distance of 0.7 km or about 0.5 miles in length. Los Momotides Trail begins and ends at the visitor center and takes about 45 minutes to cover it.


Caobos Trail

Caobos Trail is 1.1 km long. It offers great panoramic view of Panama City that is visible through tree canopy.


Roble Trail

Length 0.5 km. 25 minutes


Mono Titi Road

1.1 km long


Cienaguita Trail

1.1 km long

Metropolitan Nature Park is characterized by being a natural area of ​​265 hectares, is located near the limits of the city of Panama and borders the Panama Canal watershed, because of its proximity to it, is part of the set of protected areas in the region Panamanian transistmica. It is very visited for educational and recreational purposes.

Metropolitan Nature Park is famous for its variety of birds and vertebrate animals typical of the tropical humid forest, such as: the marmoset, the ñeque, macaws, squirrels, etc. It also has natural trails from where you can see its forests, landscapes and a panoramic view of the capital city.

In spite of the proximity of the Metropolitan National Park with the capital city, it is the habitat of 227 species of birds, 45 of mammals, 36 kinds of snakes and 14 kinds of amphibians.

It is considered that approximately 75% of the park is covered by tropical dry forest of the Pacific, an ecosystem that has almost disappeared in other regions of the country. Also in the same there are about 284 plant species, including trees that reach between 30 and 35 meters (100 to 115 feet) in height, including a large number of vines, epiphytes, orchids and mosses that add color and life to forest throughout the year