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Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park






Description of Katmai National Park

Location: King Salmon  Map

Area: 4,725,188 acres (19,122 km²)

Official site

Fees and permits
There are no fees charged for entrance to the park, but fees are charged for camping in the Brooks Camp Campground, staying in Fure's Cabin, and for commercial filming.


Katmai National Park is situated near town of King Salmon in Bristol Bay Borough in Alaska, United States. Katmai National Park covers an area of 4,725,188 acres (19,122 km²). Katmai National Park protects area around eponymous stratovolcano Katmai. It is an active volcano that reaches an elevation of 2,000 meters and a diameter of 10 km. During last and most powerful eruption in 1912 formed a volcanic lake with a dull green water. Its eruption destroyed the pine forest on the western slope of the volcano, turning it into the valley thousands of fumes. Katmai National Park was established in December 1980 by the law of the US Congress. Katmai National Park occupies the entire coastline Shelikof Strait, the Aleutian Peninsula and part of the land situated to the north of Lake Nanek.


Katmai National Park is mostly covered by mountains and numerous rivers. Nature lovers come here for hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and canoeing. Keep in mind that these rivers are full of salmon that draws dozens of brown bears that come here for fish. There are numerous of these beautiful animals along Brooks River. Keep cautious of these potentially violent animals, wear something that rattles and makes noises and bring a pepper spray for protection.






Brooks Camp. Brooks Camp Campground is the only developed/improved camping area in Katmai National Park and Preserve. It is located on the shores of Naknek Lake, about a quarter mile from the Brooks Camp Visitor Center. Facilities in the campground include a food cache, gear cache, fuel storage locker, potable water, cooking shelters, outhouse, and an electric fence. Drinking water and the electric fence are only provided from June 1 to Sept 17 each year. The campground fills on a per person basis to a maximum of 60 campers per night sharing 18 sites. Campsites will be shared when the campground is filled to capacity and/or flooded. Reservations must be made in advance - many days in July are booked full within a few hours of the opening of the reservation period. Reservations for the current calendar year can be made beginning January 5 at 8AM AKST (noon EST) by visiting or calling +1-877-444-6777. $12 per person per night June 1 through September 17 and $6 per person per night in May and September 18 through October 31.