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Lost River Cave

Lost River Cave






Description of Lost River Cave

Lost River Cave

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky    Map


Lost River Cave is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky in United States. This natural underground chamber has a long and distinguishing history. Originally Lost River Cave was large much larger. At some point in time part of the cave have collapsed and formed a small valley that today houses a small park with a series of ponds and Butterfly Habitat.


Originally Lost River Cave and its surroundings was home to Native American tribes those artifacts were found in the valley of the cave by the archaeologists from Western Kentucky University. Besides these findings archaeologists discovered several objects from Union and Confederate soldiers who camped out here. After short break they engaged each other in a short, but bloody fire fight. During there short stays both sides managed to get inside the cave and left graffiti.


After the war Lost River Cave was allegedly used as a hideout for wounded Jesse James and his gang. At least this was claimed by the wife of the doctor who visited the famous outlaw. It is a nice trip and worth your time. You need to pass a beautiful garden that grew on the bottom of the former cavern. At the site of the former night club you will get into a boat with a shallow bottom. The entrance of Lost River Cave is very low so you have to duck if you don't want to hit your head. Unfortunately it is not very long and tourists are not allowed to get off the boats and explore Lost River Cave on their own.




Cave boat tour

The two-part Cave boat tour through the Lost River Cave is 45 minutes long. The first part consists of a guided walking tour along the river, the blue hole, and the cave entrance. This offers an opportunity to learn about both the natural and human history of the region. The second part of the tour is conducted on the boat, and allows visitors to explore the inside of the cave.

Lost River Cave contains two event venues. The Historic Lost River Cave Ballroom is located in the cave, on the site of the Cavern Nite Club. The River Birch Meeting Room, located adjacent to the visitor center, and contains its own restrooms, a kitchen, and a big screen TV. Both venues are available for event rentals.

The park includes approximately two miles of nature trails, which are admission-free. The trails are part of the Bowling Green-Warren County Greenways program. Other activities include a seasonal butterfly habitat, gem mining, geocaching, bird watching, and bird bingo. Binoculars can be checked out in the visitor's center. The park includes a Young Interpreters program, an outdoor classroom, and children's activities.




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