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The Buxton Inn

The Buxton Inn





Location: Granville OH, 35 mi East of Columbus  Map

Constructed: 1812




Description of The Buxton Inn

The Buxton Inn is located in Granville, 35 mi East of Columbus, Ohio in United States. This historic building is famous for its paranormal activities with many witnesses claiming supernatural presence of the dead guests.





Buxton Inn was originally called the Buxton Tavern and it was built by 1812 by Orrin Granger. Today, the Buxton Inn is oldest continuously running inn in Granville, Ohio. Aside from being an hotel, Buxton Inn building also served as Granville’s first post office and a stagecoach stop. The Buxton Inn was visited by many notable historic figures including President William Harrison himself. After Orrin Granger died, ownership of the Buxton inn changed. Although it went through several owners, it never closed down because of its popularity.

In 1829, more additions were constructed for the building. In the 1850s, the Buxton inn was purchased by James W. Dilley and it was renamed to “The Dilley House”. Major Buxton and his wife acquired the property in 1865. They attracted many guests and the inn continued to thrive under their ownership. Hotel was named after the major. After the death of the Buxtons, retired opera singer Ethel Bounell took over the inn. The current owners of the inn are Orville and Audrey Orr.



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