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Waverly Hills Sanatorium Layout


Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a massive complex of medical buildings. Unfortunately most of buildings have been demolished.













Map of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in 1954

Below is the map of the complex of Waverly Hills as it existed in 1954. The plan is aligned so that the top is the Western direction. Most of the buildings that you see on the map have been torn down. However the roads and rail road are still in place. Several buildings are now covered by the dense forest that shrunk in the past decades due to construction boom. As far as I know no one tried to carry out any archeological digs around the area. Many items might be found that can give a greater feel for the time period and daily life of the people here.


Map of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in 1954

Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Hospital was served by Illinois Central Railroad that supplied 75 carloads of coal to the medical complex annually.


Waverly Hills Sanatorium Aerial View




Waverly Hills Sanatorium layout by Floor

First Floor

Lobby (covered with multiple graffiti)


Maintenance office



Solarium with patient rooms

Medical labs

X- ray and dark room

One Nurse's station

Salon/ Barber shop

Entrance to beginning of the Body Shute

Breaker and transformer rooms

Cold rooms for food

Old electric potato pealer


Second Floor


Two Nurse's stations

Kitchen could feed over 500 people at a single seating

Dining room usually seated 328 people, but could expand to 448 people

Small dining room

Minor surgery room


Patients' rooms

Small kitchen

Third Floor

Minor surgery room

Small dining hall

Small kitchen

Two Nurse's stations

Occupational Therapy


Patients' rooms

Fourth Floor

Two Nurse's Stations

Waiting Room

Major Surgery Room with adjacent room

Recovery Room

Small Kitchen

Small Dining Hall


Patients' Room

Fifth Floor

Heliotherapy or therapy with sun light

Small kitchen

Room 520

Children's playground

Bell tower

Small kitchen





Access to Laundry Building

Elevator Maintenance

Pipe Maintenance










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