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Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park






Description of Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park

Location: Hot Springs, SD   Map

Area: 28,295 acres (114 kmĀ²)

Official site

Fees and permits
There are no fees to drive through or hike in the park. There are fees associated with visiting the cave or camping in the park's campground. There are five cave tours, costing $7-25/adult and $3.50-4.50/child.


Wind Cave National Park is a national park of the United States located in the state of South Dakota. It has some of the longest and most complex caves in the world and also protects 11,450 hectares of meadows and coniferous forests. The caves are known for their particular formations of calcite that resemble a honeycomb. The meadow is a refuge for wildlife composed mainly of moose bison, deer, coyotes and prairie dogs. Wind Cave National Park was first protected in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt, being the seventh national park in the USA. and the first cave designated as a national park anywhere in the World. The cavity is the sixth longest in the world, with 226 km explored. Wind Cave National Park also protects, above the caves, the largest mixed-grass prairie in the United States. The meadow is a refuge for wildlife including bison, moose, deer, pronghorns, coyotes, prairie dogs and raccoons.




Elk Mountain Campground. With 75 campsites, is located one mile from the visitor center; fee $12/night/site during high-use months, $6/night/site other times, 50% discount with Park Pass. Campsites are basic, with running water during high-use periods but not year-round.





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