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Mudhouse Mansion




Location: Lancaster, Fairfield County   Map

Constructed: 1870s




Description of Mudhouse Mansion

Mudhouse Mansion is an abandoned residence situated outside a town of Lancaster, Fairfield County in a state of Ohio. To get to Mudhouse Mansion you need to take Route 22 east of Lancaster, then turn left on the Lake Road and follow it for about a mile until you will see the house. Mudhouse Mansion was constructed in 1870's on a site of an older building Rugh family. In 1919 it was sold to Henry and Martha Hartman. Thus it is occasionally known locally as a Hartman House or Harman Mansion. Henry Hartman died in 1931 and the house was given to only surviving daughter Lulu Hartman Mast. They still own these lands, but they didn't live inside the residence. Mudhouse Mansion was abandoned since 1930's and have been occupied intermittently by hobos, hippies and other random people.


Many locals consider Mudhouse Mansion haunted by spirits of souls that died here. And there is no shortage of legends and folklore that surround it. One of the legends claim that the whole family killed inside the house. Some blame it on one of the workers who worked for family. At night he sneaked from his headquarters, entered the house and killed everyone inside. Another version claims that it was a mother of the household who poisoned everyone and than committed suicide, while another version puts the blame on a father of the house.








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