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Fort Stanwix

Fort Stanwix




Location: 112 E. Park St. Rome, NY     Map

Area: 16 acres (6.5 ha)

Constructed: 1758




Description of Fort Stanwix

Fort Stanwix is a historic military stronghold located in Rome, New York in USA. This star shaped Fort Stanwix covers an area of 16 acres (6.5 ha). Fort Stanwix was constructed in 1758- 62 by the British Armies to defend Royal possessions in the New World. The fort defended an old portage used during the Seven Years' War. The fort was not completed until 1762 and was abandoned in 1768. That year, it hosted the signing of an important treaty between the British and the Amerindian Iroquois (Treaty of Fort Stanwix) before being abandoned. This treaty redefined with the Indians the frontier to which European settlers could venture.

Fort Schuyler
Fort Stanwix was occupied again in July 1776 by Colonel Elias Dayton. It was rebuilt and renamed Fort Schulyer although many people continued to use its original name. In August 1777, the fort was besieged by the British forces of Brigadier General Barry St. Leger. The commander of the fort, Colonel Peter Gansevoort, refused to surrender and the siege began. Meanwhile, during the Battle of Oriskany, the US Army commanded by General Nicholas Herkimer battled nearby against British-backed Indians. While the English besiegers were taking part in the battle to help theirs, the fort's American army made a sortie to attack the English camp. This one was destroyed as well as the material which it sheltered. The English were demoralized and weakened. The English fled to Canada following the imminent arrival of a new US Army column led by General Benedict Arnold. This victory later contributed to the British defeat at the Battle of Saratoga.

Fort Stanwix was the victim of a fire in May 1781 and was not rebuilt. A second treaty was made, however, in the fort in 1784 between the Americans and the Native Americans. During the War of 1812, a blockhouse was built there but it was dismantled in 1828. The fort was designated a National Monument on August 21, 1935. Between 1974 and 1978 the National Park Service reconstructed the fort; a new visitor center was added in 2005. The monument is currently open year around, operated by the National Park Service.







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