Glenn Dale Hospital

Glenn Dale Hospital


Location: 5201 Glenn Dale, Prince Georges County, MD

Southwest of Glenn Dale Rd and Electric Ave intersection Map

Years of operation: 1934-81

Warning: Trespassing is technically prohibited since asbestos was used in building. It is also the reason why it was closed on the first place.


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Description of Glen Dale Hospital

Glenn Dale Hospital is located in Glenn Dale, Prince Georges County, Maryland just outside of Washington D.C., USA. The easiest way to get here is get off Highway 495, 95 to John Hanson Highway and then take exit 8 right away onto Martin Luther King Jr Highway. Glen Dale Hospital buildings are located on both sides of the Glenn Dale Road. Glenn Dale Hospital was constructed in 1934 to isolate and treat patients with tuberculosis. In the early 60s Glenn Dale changed its purpose due to improvements in medicine and treatment of the tuberculosis or the "white death". Last 20 years medical center was transformed into a center for chronically and mentally ill patients.


Over course of its history the medical complex grew in size eventually consisting of 23 different buildings and covering an area of 216 acres (0.87 sq km). These buildings are united by underground tunnels and passageways for the staff of the Glen Dale Hospital. The hospital was finally closed in 1981 due to presence of asbestos in the hospital. This is the reason why the location is technically closed to the public, although trespassers make their way here anyway, despite routine patrols by Washington D.C. Park Police. Many of the abandoned buildings have broken windows and slowly are taken over by vines. Growth of these plants speeds the destruction of the complex. Parts of the interior begin to crumble and standing rain water increases break up of the site.

Haunting in Glen Dale Hospital

Needless to say Glenn Dale Hospital carries a fairly grim fame. Several paranormal sightings have been reported by the locals. The most common apparition is that of a pack of dogs that circles Children's Hospital Building that is also known as Building "B". Occasionally people saw strange figures that walked around the grounds of the medical center. One couple reported several figures actually crossing a Glenn Dale Rd late in the evening. The driver slammed breaks of the car, but when they got out to check on pedestrians perfectly visible figures disappeared. Other witnesses reported white female figure that looked from the windows of one of the buildings. She was starring at the people below with a sad and blank look, but disappeared few second later. Another story claims that locals once heard several gun shots that came from the direction of the hospital. When unit was called to inspect the grounds of Glenn Dale they found a cop. Apparently he fired his whole magazine into some menacing figure that disappeared immediately.


List of buildings

Children's Nurses Home

Building "A"- The building was constructed in 1937 for adults. Its capacity consisted of 293 beds.

Children's Hospital Building (Building "B") - Building "B" was constructed in 1934 to treat children. Its capacity consisted of 257 beds.

Residence "D" Dormitory

Building "C" Nurses Home

Building "F" Duplex House

Building "D" Doctor's House

Building "G" Duplex House(Superintendent's Residence)

Building "E" Doctor's House

Adult Hospital Building

Warehouse and Garage


Sludge Bed Enclosure

Sedimentation and Control Building

Water Softener House

Pump House

Employee Building


Residence "C" Dormitory

Hot House

Heating Plant

Four Apartment Building No.1

Four Apartment Building No.2

Paint Shop

Incinerator (used for trash and not human remains despite rumors)