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Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park

Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park






Description of Bulow Plantation

Location: Bunnell, Flagler County    Map

Area: 109 acres (44 ha)

Built: 1821


Open: 9am- 5pm Thur- Mon

Closed: Tue, Wed


Entrance Fee:

$2 per person, $4 per vehicle

Picnic Pavilion: $30.00 per day, plus tax



(386) 517-2084

3165 Old King Road
Flagler Beach, Florida 32110


Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park is situated outside of Bunnell, Flagler County in Florida. Several ruined houses is all that remains from the old complex of the plantation. Bulow estate was originally constructed in 1821 after Major Charles Wilhelm Bulow bought 4,675 acres of surrounding lands. Virgin forest was cleared and estate slaves started to grow cotton, sugar cane, rice and indigo. Even though the Major Bulow died just two years later plantation business grew bigger under supervision of Major's son John Joachim Bulow, who got his education in Paris. He was a pleasant and hospital man. Famous naturalist John James Audubon who explored local lands in the late 1931 was invited to the Bulow Plantation. He described its owner in a private letter to a friend.

Mr. J.J. Bulow, a rich planter, at whose home myself and party have been for a whole week under the most hospitable and welcome treatment is now erecting some extensive buildings for a sugar house."

In January 1836 Seminole tribes of Native American started attacking settlements of white colonists, thus starting the Second Seminole War. Bulow Plantation became one of its victims. Native warrior burned the structures and stole everything they could carry away including household items, tools and several African American slaves. John Bulow left his former residence and moved back to Paris where he died shortly thereafter at the age of 26. Given that his father died at the age of 44 it seems he was suffering from some form of genetic condition (i.e. heart hypertrophy).

Aside of historian significance of the park many tourists also enjoy hiking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and of course wildlife of this tropical forest. Some of the more notable examples of fauna include bald eagles and Florida manatees. You can rent a canoe and a kayak or bring your own. Additionaly there are basic campsites within a park as well as an area for picnics.