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Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park







Description of Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park

Location: Hot Springs, AR    Map

Area: 5,550 acres (22.46 km²)


The National Park Hot Springs is a national park of the United States located in the center of Arkansas. It is located adjacent to the town of Hot Springs. The Hot Springs reservation was created through a congressional act on April 20, 1832. On March 4, 1921 it became the smallest national park at that time in the United States.  It covers an area of 5,550 acres (22.46 km²). This smallest American national park protects several health spas constructed over a century ago.

The Hot Springs River flows from the western part of the Hot Springs Mountain that is located in the Guachita mountain range. In the park, the water flow has not been maintained in its natural state, but what has been tried is to maintain the production of hot water without contamination. The mountains near the park are also preserved for this purpose.

People have used the Hot Springs for more than two hundred years as a treatment against rheumatism and other diseases. While it was a reservation, the area was known by the ''Spa of America'', attracting rich and poor enfemos from around the world. Within the boundaries of the park is a part of the city center. Hot Springs is one of the easiest parks to visit. There are numerous walking trails and camping areas. The bath in the spring is allowed, although a fee must be paid.




Travel to Hot Springs National park
By plane
Hot Springs Memorial Field
Little Rock National Airport (with shuttle service and rental cars.)

By car
From Interstate 30 take the Hot Springs US 70 West exit south of Benton, the Hot Springs US 270 West exit at Malvern, or the Hot Springs Ark. 7 North exit near Arkadelphia.
If traveling south on Ark. 7, come through downtown Hot Springs where the visitor center is located.
If traveling south on US 71 from Fort Smith, or north on US 71 from Texarkana, take the US 270 East exit and take 270B through town.
Coming from Oklahoma on US 70 go all the way into Hot Springs. When you get into the city you will see signs for the National Park.
The Visitor Center is located downtown on Highway 7 North or Central Avenue.

By bus
Greyhound Bus Lines, 1001 Central Ave, Suite D, Hot Springs, +1-800-231-2222.

By train
Amtrak's Texas Eagle route serves Little Rock, Arkansas, with shuttle services to Hot Springs.

Get around
The public transport system isn't recommended. It's best to have a car or a friend in the city who doesn't mind driving you around. If you are downtown, it is possible to walk to many sites.




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