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Buffalo National River

Buffalo National River








Description of Buffalo National River

Location: Newton, Searcy, Marion, and Baxter Counties  Map

Length: 150 miles (240 km)


Buffalo National River is a picturesque river in the Newton, Searcy, Marion, and Baxter Counties of Arkansas state. Buffalo River is measured at 150 miles (240 km). The natural resources of this river are part of the diversity that make up the Arkansas Ozark region. This river is characterized by the rugged landscape it houses, an unpolluted space that passes through towering cliffs, pioneer homes and natural areas.

The river flows in directions North and East through the counties of Newton, Searcy, Marion and Baxter. It originates in the highest part of the Boston Mountains of Ozark, which flows over the plateau of Springfield, just before joining the White River. The park is home to herds of elk, a species considered as state. The upper section of the river in the Ozark National Park (a 15.8 km stretch) is managed by the United States Forest Service and designated on April 22, 1992 as a national wild and scenic river; said section is not part of an area administered as a park by the Park Service, but is administered as part of the Ozark National Forest.

The Buffalo River was recognized in such a way, by an Act of Congress, on March 1, 1972, culminating, in that way, plans to build one or more dams on the river by the US Army Corps of Engineers. UU The designation of Río Nacional protects natural rivers from industrial uses, confiscations and other obstructions that could change the natural character of the river or damage the natural habitat, including the flora and fauna of its surroundings.

The Buffalo River is a very popular place to camp, do boating activities. At the same time, it is an ideal destination for fishing fanatics. Visitors can bring their own canoes or rent one in the same place. For those who enjoy camping, there are a number of sites equipped for this activity along the river.




Access areas
Boxley Bridge – located on the upper end of the river along Arkansas Highway 21. Boxley provides access to the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, a joint area with the Ozark National Forest and the National Riverway. Provides river access
Lost Valley - located on Arkansas Highway 43 between Arkansas 21 and Ponca.
Ponca – Location of Beaver Jim Villines Boyhood Home. Ponca retains one of the old ‘low water’ bridges over the Buffalo. All boaters must portage over this barrier. Provides river access
Steel Creek – is located on the upstream side of the Ponca Wilderness Area. Provides river access
Kyles Landing – is located on the downstream side and across the river from the Ponca Wilderness area. Provides river access
Erbie - Provides river access
Ozark - Provides river access
Pruitt Ranger Station – is on Arkansas Highway 7 at the top of the hill overlooking the picnic area and foot access to the river. For boat access, you need to cross the high bridge on Arkansas 7 and use Pruitt Landing.
Pruitt Landing – is located just downstream from Pruitt Ranger Station. Provides river access
Hasty – located off of Arkansas Highway 123, just south of the Hasty community. Provides river access
Carver – located on Hwy 123 between Hasty and Piercetown (Arkansas Hwy 74). Provides river access
Mount Hersey – is accessible from unimproved roads. From this access point, ‘Tha Nars’ (Narrows) and Skull Bluff are reached downstream. Provides river access
Woolum - Provides river access
Tyler Bend Visitor Center – is the primary public contact area. It’s just off of U.S. 65. There is a full service visitor center, picnic area, campground and ranger station. Provides river access. Additionally, the ‘Colliers Homestead’ preserves a record of life in the mountains
Grinders Ferry – is located at the Highway 65 Bridge over the Buffalo River. Provides river access
Gilbert – is at the end of Arkansas Highway 333 a short 4 miles (6.4 km) off U.S. 65. Provides river access
Maumee North – is on the north side of the river and west of Maumee South. It is accessed by an unimproved road. Provides river access
Maumee South – is on the south side of the river and is accessed from an unimproved road beyond the end of the pavement on County Road 49.
Dillards Ferry – is located on Arkansas Highway 14 at the bridge over the Buffalo River. Provides river access
Buffalo Point Ranger Station – is at the end of the pavement on Arkansas Highway 268. Provides river access
Rushland – is reached by an unimproved road beyond the end of the pavement on County 26. It provides access across the river to the Lower Buffalo Wilderness Area a joint wild area with the Ozark National Forest’s Leatherwood Wilderness Area. Provides river access
Buffalo City – is located outside the National River at the junction of the Buffalo River with its parent the White River. Buffalo City is located off the US 62-412 in Mountain Home on Arkansas Highway 162, about 12 miles from Mountain Home. Provides river access, primarily as the last take out for the Buffalo River along with boat rentals, camping and cabins.




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