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Little River Canyon National Preserve

Little River Canyon National Preserve






Description of Little River Canyon National Preserve

Location: Alabama  Map

Area: 13,633 acres (55.17 km2)


Little River Canyon National Preserve or May's Gulf as it is locally known is a nature reserve situated near Fort Payne, Alabama. Little River Canyon National Preserve cover an area of 13,633 acres (55.17 km2) of Cherokee and DeKalb Counties. It is the deepest geological formation east of Mississippi river. Little River Canyon National Preserve is particularly beautiful in autumn months when leaves of the trees change colors. The whole canyon begins to look like colorful carpet spread on both sides of the picturesque gulf.




DeKalb County A variety of rocky outcrops and rocky cliffs create a unique environment for various threatened and endangered species and for sporting activities, such as kayaking and rock climbing. Unlike the case of a national park, hunting and fishing are allowed in the reserve.


Backcountry camping is allowed only in three locations: Slant Rock, Hartline's Ford, and Billy's Ford. Hunting in the preserve requires a hunting license from Alabama or any other state. Riding ATVs is no longer permitted. Fishing requires an Alabama fishing license and net or seine fishing are not allowed.

Jacksonville State University Field Schools (Little River Canyon Field School) offers outdoor education and environmental education programs in DeKalb County and Cherokee County in and around the canyon and preserve.




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