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Belmont Ghost Town


Belmont in 1871




Location: 46 miles Northeast of Tonopah off State Route 376, NV    Map

Found: 1865




Description of Belmont Ghost Town

Belmont is an abandoned ghost town situated 46 miles Northeast of Tonopah off State Route 376 in Nevada. Belmont was found in 1865 on a site of newly discovered silver deposit. It quickly grew to 4000 residents. The settlement lasted for over 40 years adding several boarding houses, church, saloons, sawmills, firehouse, general stores and even fraternal organization. Additionally the city had its own newspaper. Over time however silver that kept the city alive began to dwindle decreasing number of its residents. For a brief time Belmont was reborn after a new large deposit was discovered in 1914. After just eight years the silver mine was closed again in 1922. The courthouse of Belmont Ghost Town was constructed in 1877. It served until 1905.




Some of the buildings in Belmont are still standing, including the courthouse, the Cosmopolitan Saloon, the Monitor-Belmont Mill, and the combination mill. Currently, the old Combination Mine and Mill office and Belmont Courier Newspaper office and associated buildings are under restoration and preservation, known as the Philadelphia House, a reference to the name of the lodging house in the 1880s, and the Philadelphia mining district. This building complex was a business for about 15 years known as the Belmont Inn and Saloon, and also the Monitor Inn. Restoration volunteers are being solicited.

To the south of the site there is the Belmont Courthouse now belonging to Nye County and cared for by the "Friends of the Belmont Courthouse". The transfer from the Belmont Courthouse State Historical Park to Nye County took place in 2012.




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