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Darwin Ghost Town

Darwin Ghost Town







Description of Ghost town Darwin

Location: Inyo County, CA Map

Found: 1875


Ghost town of Darwin takes its name from Dr. E. Darwin French who lead an expedition in 1860 in search of legendary Lost Gunsight lode. Although he did not find it, he did discover some silver deposits just west of the Death Valley. A mining site was found that was transferred into a town in 1875. Darwin began to grow after silver and lead discovery in 1874 that led to population increase. Darwin post office opened in 1875. It was briefly closed in 1902 and later remained. The continued to grow when Eichbaum Toll Road opened in 1926. It let to the opening of the Death Valley from the west. When Death Valley became a National Monument in 1933 it was decided to buy the toll road to allow free access to the new park. In 1937 a new rail road branch bypassed Darwin, thus effectively isolating the town. Its population quickly declined.








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