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Hardman Ghost Town

Hardman Ghost Town







Description of Hardman Ghost Town

Location: Morrow County, off Oregon Route 207, OR  Map

Found: 1870s


Hardman Ghost Town is an abandoned community in Morrow County of Oregon, United States situated just off Oregon Route 207. Hardman was originally found in 1870s. The first settlers in the area of Hardman were John F. Royse and his brother. Royse was mentioned in a 3 June 1892 article detailing the community of Hardman. New leader David N. Hardman arrived here in 1878. He became a prominent leader in the settlement that was eventually named after him. Adamsville post office was established in 1884 and closed in 1885 due to declining population. It would reopen and work intermittently until 1968. Today Hardman is abandoned, but many of the historic buildings are still standing despite years of neglect.





Mr. Hardman served as postmaster for a number years, but ultimately asked to be relieved of the "pressing cares of mercantile life." He subsequently closed out large stock of goods and sent in his resignation as postmaster. Mr. Hardman filled public positions with "great credit," and was the republican nominee for county commissioner at one time. In an 1892 article detailing Hardman, Mr. Hardman called the area, "this is the easiest country on the coast in which to make a good living."

According to the NRHP nomination form for the IOOF hall, a history of Umatilla and Morrow counties that was published in 1902 said that Hardman at that time had three general stores, two hotels, two feed stables, two blacksmiths, a saloon, a barber shop, a church, schools, a post office, a newspaper, and a telephone office. Other infrastructure included two meeting halls, a skating rink, and a racetrack.





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