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Molson Ghost Town





Location: Okanogan County, WA  Map

Found: 1900 by George B. Meacham and John W. Molson




Description of Molson Ghost Town

Molson is a ghost town located in Okanogan County, Washington in United States. Today Molson Ghost Town is not quiet abandoned it has about a dozen residents that keep an eye on the open air museum. The town of Molson was founded in 1900 by promoter George B. Meacham and real estate and beer brewing investor John W. Molson. The city got its name after investor that helped to create this settlement. At the time this name was fairly famous for Molson Beer that run by a Molson family. The city quickly grew to a population of 300 residents. Molson had its own hotel, saloon, general store and even its own newspaper. Additionally the town had an attorney, postmaster (Walter F. Schuyler) and a doctor. The mines that helped to create Molson, Washington failed and by the end of 1901 the population went into sharp decline and numbered only 13 people. It grew slightly around 1905 when news of a new railroad being build, but it didn't last too long. The city was incorporated on February 13, 1920, by the next year it was disincorporated on October 6th, 1921. On August 11, 1967 the post office was discontinued thus ending the history of town.


Today Molson Ghost Town is not entirely abandoned. It serves as a open air museum. Many of the buildings are open to the public. The interior of many buildings are well preserved in their original state. Nothing is fake, no items were recreated by recent historians.









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