Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park


Location: Arizona Map

Info: (435) 727- 5870

Closed: Dec 25

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Visiting center

Open: 6am- 8pm May- Sept

7am- 7pm March- Apr

Entrance Fee: USD 5

Jeep rides are allowed between 6am- 8:30 May- Sept

8am- 4:30pm Oct- Apr

Official site


Description of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is located in a state of Arizona in USA. This iconic nature reserve became synonymous with the American West. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is one of the national symbols of the United States. It is also one of the most recognizable landscapes due to "Marlboro" advertisement world wide as well as numerous movies that were filmed here. It lies on the border between Utah and Arizona states. The territory of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park belongs to the Navajo Indian Reservation. Navajos called lands of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park simply "place between the rocks". Navajo guides also hold a monopoly to provide guided exploration of the area including visiting indigenous inhabitants of the valley that live on their ancestral lands without electricity or running water.
Millions of years ago these lands were covered by Mesozoic Sea inhabited by enormous sea reptiles. Sandstone formations were deposited at the bottom of this sea. After the sea receded an extensive plateau was exposed to natural erosion. For thousands of years rain and wind carved through softer geologic formation, forming bizarre and picturesque towers and columns, that are known as "mesas" ("table" in Spanish).
Until late 19th century Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park was out of reach for the European settlers as it was inhabited by the warlike Native American tribes of Navajo natives. Viewing platform of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is probably the best way to view this majestic landscape. You can also venture within its territory, buy you need a local native guide to let you in and show you around. Certain parts of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park are considered sacred and other parts were used for Native American cemeteries. So you don't want to show disrespect to local by venturing into their lands without permission.


Fees and permits

Passes and fees
Most of Monument Valley is part of Monument Valley Tribal Park, a Navajo tribal park, because Monument Valley is inside the Navajo nation. A tribal park is not the same as a United States National Park and Monument Valley Tribal Park charges a fee of $20 per car (4 persons included; each additional person $6 extra) for access to the loop road through the valley.

Because Monument Valley Tribal Park is a Navajo tribal park and not a national park, national park passes will not be accepted.

Except for a few trails, individuals wishing to hike in the valley or to visit sites not on the loop road must hire a Navajo guide for an additional fee.