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Nevadaville Ghost Town

Nevadaville Ghost Town







Description of Nevadaville Ghost Town

Location: Gilpin County, CO Map

Found: 1859


Nevadaville Ghost Town is an abandoned mining settlement situated in Gilpin County, Colorado in United States. Nevadaville was originally found in 1859 and at the time was known simply as Nevada City. The town began its history shortly after John H. Gregory discovered in Colorado. Thousands of people fled to the region of the Western Kansas Territory in search of gold. Most of residents of the city were of Irish descent who fled persecution and descrimination on the East coast. In 1861 the fire broke through the Nevadaville. It destroyed over 50 houses, but the residents managed to save the city using TNT. The city, however, managed to survive and prosper. It existed until 1900s until the local mines dried out. As it happened in many other places Nevadaville began to decline in its population. In the 20th century it was largely abandoned, its buildings were left behind and fell in disrepair. The Nevadaville Masonic Temple that started in 1861 still holds regular meetings.








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