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Randsburg Ghost Town



Location: Kern County, off the US Highway 395, CA  Map

Found: 1895




Description of Randsburg Ghost Town

Randsburg Ghost Town is situated in Kern County, off the US Highway 395 in California in United States. It is one of the most spectacular abandoned settlements in South- West United States. The settlement of Randsburg was found in 1895 around gold mines. At its height Randsburg numbered 2500 residents. Town's history is common in region. The Yellow Aster Mine bought rights on mining in the hills making its owners Charles Burcham, John Singleton and Frederick Mooers millionaires. Others were not so lucky. After over 20 million in gold were extracted from the ground Randsburg's residents moved on elsewhere. Technically speaking Randsburg is not a complete ghost town. Parts of the settlements are still inhabited. However today only few dozen remain in Randsburg and run general store and a surviving saloon. The first post office at Randsburg opened in 1896.





Randsburg has an influx of tourism throughout the year. Most visitors arrive between Fall and Spring due to the extreme heat of the summer. The annual Western Days Celebration starts in the third weekend of September, where the town hosts events such as gun fights, panning for gold, live bands, dances, and vendors. During Thanksgiving and New Year's Day weekend, road enthusiasts visit the town's legal trail. Shops in Randsburg are usually closed for weekdays, only open during weekends for tourists.




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