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Vail Ski Resort

Vail Ski Resort






Description of Vail Ski Resort

Location: Eagle County, CO  Map

Runs: 193

Longest run: 4 miles (6.4 km)


Vail Ski Resort is one of the better known ski resorts located in Eagle County, Colorado in United States. It was opened for the tourists in 1962. Vail Ski Resort is famous for its 193 runs. The longest measures up to 4 miles (6.4 km). Vail Mountain has three sections: The Front-Side, Blue Sky Basin, and the Back Bowls. There are about 25 square kilometers of ski-run terrain and the elevation difference is about a thousand meters. The ski school on the Vail Ski Resort has approximately eleven-hundred ski instructors working there who speak various international languages. Several competitions were held at the Vail Ski Resort World Championships in Alpine Skiing 1989, 1999 and 2015. Several World Cup competitions in Alpine skiing have also been arranged in Vail Ski Resort.




Transport around Vail Ski Resort

If you are staying in Vail or Lionshead, having a car will be more hindrance (parking fees) than a value. The town is set up so you can walk between most places and the slopes. There is also a free shuttle that will take you to the immediate surroundings as well as up to Beaver Creek.

By car
If you are coming from somewhere else and skiing, you can park on site. It will cost about $25 (2010) per day. Best advice arrive early (before 9AM) on busy days and you won't have problems. There are two parking garages, one in Vail and one in Lionshead. The Lionshead garage is the shortest walk to the slopes.

If the garages do fill up, you may to park on the road. The problem being that they don't let you park on the road until BOTH garages are filled. So say you drop your friends off at Golden Peak (so they can put their kids in child care) then go back to the Vail parking lot, its full, so you then have to go park in Lionshead and take a bus back to catch your friends.

For those doing child care there is also a ($25/day) valet parking at Golden Peak, cheaper to park at the main Vail garage and walk (5 mins). Most Hotels in Vail, (see: upscale) will provide you with a free shuttle, just ask before you arrive.

Most major car-rental firms are located in Denver and Vail airports. There a many free buses going throughout the Vail valley.

Vail Transit. It is completely free and the buses go from East Vail to West Vail every 30min or so. The best part is that it's they run til 2AM everyday. Free.


Vail Ski Resort





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