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Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls






Description of Havasu Falls

Location: Arizona  Map


Havasu Falls or Havasuw Hagjahgeevma as they are known among the local Havasupai tribes is located on the south border of the Grand Canyon National Park, in the state of Arizona in the United States. Havasu Creek is a tributary of the Colorado River. It is located and set from a road on the right side (left side when going upstream) of the main road. The trail leads through one side of a small plateau and falls into the main pool. Havasu Falls is undoubtedly the most famous and visited of the falls in the region. Havasu Falls consist of a main duct that falls on a vertical cliff of 120 feet (37 m) in a large pool. Its color is due to the high mineral (calcium carbonate) content of the water, the falls are always changing and sometimes they break into two separate hoppers of water.





There are many picnic tables on the opposite side of the creek, and it is easy to cross over by following the edges of the pools. It is possible to swim behind the falls and enter a small rock shelter behind it. However, drownings have occurred.

A campground is located nearby. Visitors are required to reserve permits prior to their travel to the Havasupai Indian Reservation.





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