Bloomington, Minnesota

Bloomington is a city in Hennepin County in the US state of Minnesota. Located south of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, it is the most populous suburb of the Twin Cities and the fifth largest city in Minnesota. The US The Census Bureau recorded a population of 89,987 as of the 2020 census.



Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Park in the United States. It is located in Scott County and the state of Minnesota, in the eastern part of the country, 1,500 km west of Washington, D.C. The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge is located 214 meters above sea level. Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge located in the Louisville Swamp lake is the capital of the country.

The land around the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge is mostly flat. Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge is located in a valley. The highest point in the area has an elevation of 295 meters and is 2.3 km east of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. There are about 54 people per square kilometer around the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge which is quite densely populated. The nearest larger town is Eden Prairie, 18.0 km northeast of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge is almost completely covered in fields. In the region around the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, lakes are incredibly common. The climate is hemiboreal. The average temperature is 7 °C. The warmest month is July, at 22 °C, and the coldest is January, at −12 °C. The average rainfall is 1,007 millimeters per year. The wettest month is June, with 202 millimeters of rain, and the driest is November, with 21 millimeters.


Mall of America
The Mall of America (MOA) is the most visited mall in the world with 42 million visitors a year. When it opened in 1992, it was the largest mall in the United States with 390,000 square feet and more than 520 stores. The Mall of America is part of the Triple Five Group. It is located south of Minneapolis in Bloomington at the intersection of Interstate 494 and Highway 77 and can be reached from the Minneapolis/St. Paul can be reached in a few minutes. The Metropolitan Stadium used to stand in its place. In the center of the complex is a small amusement park with roller coasters and wild water rides. Until January 2006, the park was called Camp Snoopy, but was renamed The Park at MOA after failed negotiations with the Peanuts license holders by Charles M. Schulz. In addition, all elements related to Snoopy have been removed. In March 2008, the park was renamed Nickelodeon Universe. There is also an aquarium (Underwater World), a 14-screen cinema, a Lego Imagination Center, a dinosaur museum, discotheques and a NASCAR simulator. Because of these facilities, the Mall of America is also considered an urban entertainment center. Around 12,000 people work in the mall.



Bloomington is centrally located in eastern Minnesota in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul-Bloomington metropolitan area. The city is bordered to the south and east by the Minnesota River. According to the United States Census Bureau, Bloomington's area is 99.4 square kilometers, of which 7.5 square kilometers is water.


Demographic data

As of the 2010 census, 82,893 people lived in 35,905 households in Bloomington. The population density was 904 people per square kilometer. Statistically, 2.28 people lived in each of the 35,905 households.

The racial makeup of the population was 79.7 percent White, 7.2 percent African American, 0.4 percent Native American, 5.9 percent Asian, 0.1 percent Polynesian, and 3.7 percent from other races; 3.1 percent descended from two or more ethnic groups. Regardless of ethnicity, 6.8 percent of the population was Hispanic or Latino.

19.7 percent of the population was under 18 years old, 61.9 percent were between 18 and 64 and 18.4 percent were 65 years or older. 51.6 percent of the population was female.

The median annual household income was $60,150. Per capita income was $35,732. 8.5 percent of the residents lived below the poverty line.



Bloomington is primarily known for the Mall of America, the second largest shopping center with the most stores (over 500) in the United States. In 2006, the Water Park of America opened not far from the mall. According to its own statements, this is the largest indoor water park in the United States.

The city has a partnership with Izumi, Osaka, Japan.



Important road routes include Interstate 35-W, which traverses the city in a north-south direction and provides a direct connection to the Twin Cities, and Interstate 494, which runs north in a west-east direction and is a feeder to the Interstate 94 is.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport is an international airport just northeast of the city. The Blue Line light rail begins at the Mall of America and connects Bloomington to the airport and the city of Minneapolis.


Sons and daughters of the town

Pete Docter (born 1968), film director, screenwriter and animator
Kevin Lynch (born 1968), basketball player
Tom Pederson (born 1970), ice hockey player
Dan Trebil (born 1974), ice hockey player
Mike Crowley (born 1975), ice hockey player
Mark Parrish (born 1977), ice hockey player
Ben Clymer (born 1978), ice hockey player
Bryan Schmidt (born 1981), ice hockey player
Brian Olsen (born 1983), biathlete
Ryan Stoa (born 1987), ice hockey player
Mod Sun (born 1987), rapper
Erik Johnson (born 1988), ice hockey player
Peter Mueller (born 1988), ice hockey player