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Torotoro National Park (Parque Nacional Torotoro)

Torotoro National Park



Location: 140 km south of Cochabamba, Northern Potosí Department   Map

Area: 165 km²





Description of Torotoro National Park

Torotoro National Park is located 140 km south of Cochabamba in Northern Potosí Department in Bolivia. Torotoro National Park covers an area of 165 km² along Eastern border of the Andes mountain chain. There is not much infrastructure in Torotoro National Park and there is no asphalt road. So basically it is open to people who are on the suicidal side. It would take you at least 7 hours to travel here, but it will worth the ride. Avoid traveling in the rainy season because that might make reaching this Bolivian natural reserve impossible. With no noisy crowds, this land will offer pretty much anything you want to see. Its central geological feature is a canyon that reaches a depth of 300 meters. This seemingly barren semi- arid land was once home to thousands of dinosaurs that once roamed this area. Over 2,500 different tracks were discovered from different species and different time periods.


One of the most visited sites in National Park is cave Humajalanta (Cueva Humajalanta). It stretches for 4.5 km and reaches depth of up to 160 meters. It doesn't have much safety measures and you would have to crawl, climb and walk using your own strength. It has only few ladders and ropes that might help in exploration of the cave. It is highly advisable to take a local guide if you don't want to risk remaining here forever. Additionally Torotoro National park also contains Llama Chaqui archeological site that belonged to Quechua natives.