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Alerce Andino National Park

Alerce Andino National Park



Location: Los Lagos Region

Area: 393 km²




Description of Alerce Andino National Park

Alerce Andino National Park is a protected area situated in Los Lagos Region of Chile. It covers a total area of 393 km². It is surrounded by the Reloncaví Estuary on its east and south sides, and by the Reloncaví Sound to the west. On the north side of Alerce Andino National Park is bounded by Chapo Lake.

Alerce Andino National Park contains about 50 lakes and natural ponds each with its unique biosphere. It is also a magnet for large game and carnivorous animals that follow them.

Management of this and other national parks in Chile is entrusted to Corporacion Nacional Forestal, CONAF.

One of the most common plant in this mountainous protected region are the Fitzroya cupressoides (locally known as Alerce) forests with a total surface of about 200 km².





The park is characterized by the large presence of larches, which reach a height greater than 40 meters, and cover an area of approximately 20 000 hectares, in addition the park has more than fifty lagoons and natural pools.

The protected area also houses a large amount of wildlife, including the pudu, the mountain monkey, pumas, güiñas, chingues etc.

This park receives Chilean and foreign visitors every year.



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