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Easter Island




Location: Map

Area: 164 km





Description of Easter Island

Easter Island (in Rapanui language: Rapa Nui, "Rapa Grande") is an island in Chile located in Polynesia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at 3700 km from Caldera. It covers a total area of ​​163.6 km², which makes it the largest of the islands of Chile, and a population of 7,750 inhabitants, concentrated in Hanga Roa, capital and only existing town on the island. The nearest inhabited land is the British territory of the Pitcairn Islands.


The island is one of the main tourist destinations of the country due to its natural beauty and its mysterious ancestral culture of the Rapanui ethnic group, whose most notable vestige corresponds to huge statues known as moái. To preserve these characteristics, the government administers the Rapa Nui National Park through Conaf, while Unesco declared this park a World Heritage Site in 1995. Every statue was erected by a particular family that lives on the island. Despite years of abandonment these magnificent structures survive in near perfect condition.




Administratively, it forms, together with the uninhabited island Salas y Gómez, the commune of Easter Island that forms the province of Easter Island, belonging to the Valparaíso Region. However, a constitutional reform - the 20193 law, published on July 30, 2007 - established the Easter island as a "special territory", so that its government and administration will be governed by a special statute, contemplated in the constitutional organic law respective, still to be dictated.





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